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January 2015 Newspost

by JGwintersJGwinters 11 Jan 2015 16:09

Happy New Year! We've started this year at Chrysalis by going back and adding some data to our so-far missing games. Pictlogica item and ability data is now fairly up to date, and as this post is written preparations for the same to Agito are underway. In the upcoming days we'll be adding in all our accumulated data on that game as well. :) We've also made plans for a semi-regular update schedule for the FF games that update themselves. We'll see if we can keep to this schedule before publishing it, and if not..we'll modify it and try again. Either case, the frequently updating FF games should see more up to date data as a result! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
See you all next month!

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December 2014 Newspost

by JGwintersJGwinters 11 Dec 2014 03:22

Hullo all users, new and returning alike! We've been a little busy with real-world things this past month, but still got in some updates to FF14, FF7 G-Bike and FF Record Keeper. Please look forward to more of the same this month, as well as an update on FF-TCG as soon as the latest chapter comes out on the 19th. If you have any suggestions on what you want to see on Chrysalis, you can always drop us a note and we'll add it in asap. Thanks for your support!

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Happy New Year! We've started this year at Chrysalis by going back and adding some data to our...
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