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August 2016 Newspost

by JGwintersJGwinters 20 Aug 2016 11:58

Hello hello. Been another busy month, although this August we have dedicated to mainly maintenance instead of new updates. We've straightened out some old bugs (if you come across one, you can report it at the forums!) and added new features that make exploring the site a better experience. There's a little more in this vein to come before we move back to regularly scheduled updates, including a transfer to official English translations for FF Brave Exvius data and update on the transfer to official English translations for FF Record Keeper data, as well as just a plain update on FFRK. Do note that the regular update schedule itself is changing a little bit due to prioritization re-focusing, although it won't come into effect until after the abovementioned maintenance issues are completed.
In other news, we have one more month (and the greatest part of the next) to go before this year's FF release glut, although some of you may have already started by watching Kingsglaive in theaters. Lucky few! Here at Chrysalis we'll be working hard to get you some relevant info in a timely manner about the fall's FF releases. Keep the hype going!

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July 2016 Newspost

by JGwintersJGwinters 16 Jul 2016 23:20

Hi y'all! Welcome back all old friends, just plain welcome to new ones. :) We've been once again doing quite significant progress on the Brave Exvius section, character data is now almost complete. A few more and we're on to fixing all this data for the official English-language version of the game, and then finally to updating the remaining item data and adding the ability data, although the last two not necessarily in that order. If anyone has any feedback on the matter, we'd gladly hear it!
In the background, we've been doing inventory of incomplete projects and tried determining which (lore) sections most need updates, and that is a long list. Let's not get into details, but we've started adding some data we had lying around ready to copypaste, mostly for character scripts and such. Also on the plate soon will be more various area pages we've accumulated data on, and other tidbits like that. Processing all these half-finished projects (and keeping on updating the existing sections for games that update) will take quite a while, so if you have anything to request that might not be on our list, be sure to drop us a line.

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Hello hello. Been another busy month, although this August we have dedicated to mainly...
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Hi y'all! Welcome back all old friends, just plain welcome to new ones. :) We've been once again...
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