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Currently we are a work in progress, and estimate a moderately low completion percentage despite our valiant efforts to cover the whole series. Please be patient, or apply for membership to help our growth.

Note that from here on, there will be spoilers. If you do not want to see them, please do not look at the pages. For complete viewing of the site, please enable support for Japanese characters.

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December 2016 Newspost

by JGwintersJGwinters 25 Dec 2016 00:11

Hullo and happy holidays to all! We here at Chrysalis are on Christmas break, but the newspost comes out on time still. We've put some considerable thought into what we should be concentrating on in the upcoming year, and have made some hard decisions on the content we'll be adding. The theme for the upcoming year will be 'environment'. As appropriate for the theme, we'll be seeing a lot of area pages first and foremost to support the site's foremost focus on lore. At the side, we'll continue regular updates (chara, ability, item stats) at the recent lighter pace rather than the exclusive focus we drifted to early 2016 and late 2015. We understand this might not satisfy everyone, but it is the best we can do with the current lack of staff. If you have time to spare, we're always open to contributions! In the meantime, enjoy the detailed area and other environmental data throughout 2017. ;)

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November 2016 Newspost

by JGwintersJGwinters 21 Nov 2016 18:29

Hi hi all! Hope you've been having a wonderful time with World of Final Fantasy. And if you care about such things, keep away from the internet for a couple days now, as FF15 has been released early by some places so spoilers abound currently. Only a couple days more to go until real release!
On the update front, we've been trying to keep busy with our lore-side tentative schedule, although more technical details should start coming out again soon. No promises yet though! We have that delicious new bomb of FF lore releasing soon after all, so we're bound to get a little distracted from updating. ;) Currently on active schedule is finishing up FF14 1.x area data (only some miscellaneous pages left now!), finishing FF14 NIN weapon data, uploading videos and adding them to quest pages at Chrys, and preparing FF14 lore updates based on Encyclopedia Eorzea, as well as some miscellaneous updates to high-demand pages. See you all next month!

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Hullo and happy holidays to all! We here at Chrysalis are on Christmas break, but the newspost...
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Hi hi all! Hope you've been having a wonderful time with World of Final Fantasy. And if you care...
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