Episodes of Brotherhood

Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood is a short anime series set in the early stages of Noctis and his friends' journey. Each episode features flashbacks to important parts of the boys' pasts, thus giving each of them more back story.

Number Episode Brief summary
01 Before the Storm Right after imperial invasion of Lucis, an incident on the way to Caem. Noctis's childhood memories
02 Dogged Runner Finding a puppy on the road. Prompto befriending Noctis at school
03 Sword and Shield A fight on the road. Gladio relieved after Noctis helps Iris
04 Bittersweet Memories Visiting Lestallum. Ignis baking for Noctis and learning to trust him
05 The Warmth of Light Back to the incident on the way to Caem. Noctis's relationship with his father

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