Raises both defence and magic resistance. バリア [barrier] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy II

Type: White Magic, Family: -
Buy: 5,000 gil
Shop: Mysidia
Drop: ?
Description: Protects against special attacks

Crisis Core

Type: support magic
Buy: 4,000 gil (?)
Drop: ?, Steal: ?
Fusion: Fire+HP Up, Dispel+Jump
Class: Defensive, Grade: 1-2
Description: ?
Other: relies on SPR stat

Tactics Advance

Type: Prayer, Red Magic, MP: 10
Range: 3
Learn with: Bishop, Red Mage
Learn from: Garnet Staff, Mage Masher (300 AP)


Type: Unique Ability, AP Cost: 300, Power: -, Element: -
Cast time: -, Recast: 60 sec
Learn: Black Mage, Equip: Black Mage
Description: Creates a barrier. Has the same endurance for damage as the caster's max AP. Makes damage received 0 until the endurance is spent.

Category: Ability

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