In every Final Fantasy, the categorizing of the spells vary a little. Not to mention there are numerous spells and not every one of them is used in every title. This is a comprehensive guide to each spell in Final Fantasies.

Spells are generally divided into various categories. The most common of these are the Black and White types, which include damaging/enfeebling and healing/enhancing spells, respectively. For many Final Fantasies, the spell categories end there. However, some titles have one or more of the less common varieties, including Time magic (space-time, aka spells that distort space and time locally), Green magic (enfeebling/enhancing spells), Red magic (a combination of low-level Black and Red), or even one of the least common varieties like Arcane or Dark. The least common varieties have not been listed separately on Chrysalis as they can be generally found under one or more of the more common types as well.

Blue Magic spells, due to its different nature from the rest of the spells, are listed separately, under their own entry. See other abilities for spell-like abilities that are not actual spells (eg ninjutsu, songs).
By default, only time magic is displayed. Click on one of the links below to view other types. See also Advanced Usage for more options.

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Magical Damage - Physical Damage - Other Damage - DoT - Stealers - Instant Kill
Healing - MP Heal - HoT - Status Heal - Buffing - Debuffing - Other
Multi-hit - Single - Line - Conal - AoE - Self - All Target - Random Target
Fire - Ice - Lightning - Dark - Earth - Holy - Poison - Water - Wind - Non-elemental

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