Is either ステルス [stealth] or 忍び足 [shinobiashi] ('stealthy steps') in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Trait
Description: Lowers chance of being detected by enemies
Other: makes the detection radius of enemies smaller
Other: can be modified by Sneaking Boots
Other: ステルス in Japanese

Stealth I
Learn at: NIN5
Other: (unknown effect)

Stealth II
Learn at: NIN86
Other: (unknown effect)

A Realm Reborn

Learn at: BTN8, MIN8, FSH8, Use: BTN, MIN, FSH
Target: self, Cast time: (instant), Recast: (instant), Duration: (until removed)
Description: Conceal yourself and tread quietly, reducing movement speed, but enabling you to avoid enemies level 20 and below
Other: can be modified by Enhanced Stealth
Other: note that this ability has different icons depending on which class's ability it is
Other: ステルス in Japanese

ability_stealth_btn_ff14.png ability_stealth_min_ff14.png ability_stealth_fsh_ff14.png
Botanist Miner Fisher

Final Fantasy Tactics

Description: Move while transparent and invisible to the enemy
Other: an ability by this name is dummied out in the data of the game. Note that despite having a description, it does not have an effect coded for it
Other: 忍び足 in Japanese


Type: Default Ability
Learn: Ninja
Description: Decreases the AP consumption of dashing
Other: 忍び足 in Japanese

Category: Ability

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