Coverage Policy

The purpose for Chrysalis is to present information on the Final Fantasy series. While exceptions can be made with games that are clearly part of the series (or retconned to be so), in general this means that the title must have 'Final Fantasy' in the name to be covered, and must not have been retconned otherwise.

Such games as the Chocobo series, or the Kingdom Hearts, Mystic Quest, Legend of Mana or the Bravely series do not fulfil that condition, so are not covered on Chrysalis.

Our Short History

Chrysalis started out as a private offline resource of the wiki main admin in early 2006, before growing too big for the software it was built on. A decision was made to bring it online, with the possibility for others to view and edit the pages. However, it was reachable only by invitation. The transition was completed some time February 2007, when the site was named waff in reflection of some of the philosophy behind the site - after all, it is a wiki dedicated to detailed information about a fictional series. The wiki continued to prosper, and in line with the changes in content and policy was renamed Chrysalis in 2010. Chrysalis reflects the site's emergence with more and more related content from its bare-bone roots - in short, growth.

The current version of the site is the fourth incarnation, formed in June 2012, and the second of them accessible to the public.

Service History

2006-2007 ZuluPad
2007 StikiPad
2007-2012 Wikispaces
2012- Wikidot

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