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This page is here for one reason and one reason only; to teach you little tricks to get the most out of using Chrysalis. You can get by without these, but learning what's mentioned here will let you do things the default controls hide.

Make Your Own Lists

One handy feature is the ability to make your own custom lists out of the major lists given. If you want to, for example, see a list of swords that were present in both FF2 and FF9, or all non-liquid medicine items (ie yes for Phoenix Down, no for Potion), then you could make a site search and find what you're looking for that way. However, you'd have to shift through all the results to find what applies, and you might still miss something in the results. A much more convenient way is to use tags and receive a list of exactly and only the pages that are what you need.

On any list you can use this feature in (usually indicated by the 'View by Type' links at the top of the page before the list itself), you simply need to add /tags/ into the URL, followed the tags you want to include or exclude. There are a few rules to this. Anything you write with a '-' sign in front of it is equal to telling it it must not have this tag. Anything with the URL-equivalent of the '+' sign (that is, '%2B') is equal to telling that the pages you're looking for must have that tag. And finally, having neither means the page can have that tag or any other also written with no modifier. Separate multiple tags with a comma, and don't leave any spaces.

If you have trouble thinking of tags for your own lists, for inspiration look at what is provided through the 'View by Type' links.

Some Applicable Pages
Weapons, Armor, Accessories - any of these can be used to find all equip-type items in the series.
Items, Materials, etc - any other item-list page at the side navigation can be used to find all non-equip type items in the series.
Active Abilities, Passive Abilities, Other Abilities, Magic, Monster Abilities - any of these can be used to find any ability at all, including magic (but not summons).
Locations - can be used to find any area-type pages, be they locations within a world or worlds themselves.

At the time, this method cannot be used to search through Characters, Bestiary or Encyclopedia pages. A later update to enhance functionality will add these.


1) You want to search for swords present in both FF2 and FF9. Head to the page Weapons, and write your conditions after the URL that is already there. Remember that for URL to recognize your + sign, you need to write it as %2B.


2) You want to search for medicine-items that are not liquids (ie not drinks or waters). Head to the page Items, and write your conditions.


3) You want to find out all abilities in the FF series that are either Green or Time magic. However, you don't consider the MMORPG games true FF games, and don't want to see spells that are only present in those games and not in others. Head to the page Magic and write your conditions.


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