Aldenard is the continent that mainly comprises the region of Eorzea, the other main feature of the region being Vylbrand, from which Aldenard is separated via the Strait of Merlthor. It is connected to the continent of Ilsabard to the north-west, and is surrounded by (in clockwise order starting from the north-west) the Sea of Jade, Sea of Ash, Rhotano Sea, the Indigo Deep and the Bloodbrine Sea.

The northern parts of Aldenard are mainly mountain regions, while the southern tip has deserts. The biggest lake on the continent is the Silvertear Lake, in the middle of the Mor Dhona area. Mor Dhona itself is right on the border of the lowlands and highlands, as to to the north of it lie the mountainy area of Coerthas and the city of Ishgard. Further to the east of Coerthas lie Dravania, known for its fierce dragons. In Dravania is the old Sharlayan settlement, although in the present the village of Idyllshire has taken its place.

Going towards the west from Coerthas there is the Black Shroud, also known as Twelveswood or Tinolqa, the most densely forested region on Aldenard. The two regions are separated by the river White Maiden, and through the southern portions of the Shroud flows the river Hathoeva. At the coast slightly north of the White Maiden is the Yafaem Saltmoor. To the north-west of Coerthas (and north of the Shroud) lies Xelphatol, which is mostly barren wastelands. On the north-western tip of the continent is Gyr Abania and the city of Ala Mhigo, which in these days is under the control of the Garlean Empire. Through Gyr Abania flows the river Velodyna, which gives to the bay area of Rothlyt Sound. On the Rothlyt are the islands of Pearl and Mazlaya. Between the two islands gives in the river Yugr'am, which starts all the way inland at the edge of Mor Dhona.

South from Mor Dhona is the desert region of Thanalan and the city of Ul'dah. To the west of Thanalan is Paglth'an, between which lies the Bay of Dha'yuz. To the south of Thanalan on the Cape Deadwind lies the Sagolii Desert.

An unknown location mentioned in the game is the Bianaq island. It might be the unnamed island off the cape of Deadwind in the Sea of Ash1 Alternately, it might be one of the unnamed islands in the Rothlyt Sound, around the islands of Pearl and Mazlaya.

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