Alder Springs


Alder Springs (アルダースプリングズ [alder springs] in Japanese) is a lakeside location in Final Fantasy XIV. Its location is retconned between versions, with 1.x having it located to the north of Fallgourd Lake and south of Lake Tahtotl, while in version 2.0+ it spreads out on the southern shores of Fallgourd Lake, although may reach high enough up north as to also touch the south-eastern shore of Lake Tahtotl, which is inaccessible in the game. Likewise, the surrounding areas differ. In version 1.x Lasthold was to the east, Treespeak to the south-east and Emerald Moss to the south, but in version 2.0 Proud Creek (that used to be part of the Lasthold area) is to the north, and to the east beyond the river Murmur Rills is Treespeak. The remains of Emerald Moss is known to be south-east, although that particular area was destroyed in the Calamity. Additionally, the village of Fallgourd Float was retconned in on top of Fallgourd Lake, and that is accessible from Alder Springs in version 2.0+ as well.

Alder Springs was named for its preponderance of mighty alder groves1 and springs of water. However, the Calamity burnt up most of the alders to the west of Fallgourd Lake, leaving only the name behind.


Fallen Neurolink

The Fallen Neurolink (メテオの陰地 [meteo no kagechi] or 'land of meteor's shadow' in Japanese) is where one of the neurolinks fitted on the primal Bahamut fell during the Calamity. It actually functions as an entrance to the Second Coil of Bahamut, although players have to access it through an NPC in Fallgourd Float.

Finders' Bluff

Finders' Bluff (山師の岩窟 [ayamashi no gankutsu] or 'prospectors' cavern' in Japanese) is a shack high up on the edge of a cliff. It was built by Ul'dahn miners who came to prospect the area2

Florentel's Spire

Florentel's Spire (フロランテル監視哨 [florentel kanshishou] or 'florentel observation post' in Japanese) is a watchtower built on the road to Ishgard, and is also located conveniently close to Proud Creek in case of Ixal incursions. It was named after the legendary Gridanian hero Florentel.



Note that there were no NPCs in Alder Springs in version 1.x.

Florentel's Spire
Gods' Quiver Idristan
Wood Wailer Oriane
Serpent Commander Vortefaurt

Finders' Bluff
Laughing Fury

Quest NPCs
Bozol Eduan
Dozol Meloc
Y'mhitra Rhul
Haughty Houseboy
Novice Explorer
Sharp-eyed Serpent Private
Well-equipped Adventurer

Guild-issue Supplies
Shifty-eyed Prospector
Wood Wailer Lance
Wood Wailer Sentry


Note that there were no quests in Alder Springs in version 1.x.

Main Quests
Cold Reception

Side Quests
Digging in the Dark
Hunger is the Best Sauce
A Leg Up
Pumiceous Pursuits
Save the Trees

The Big Issue
Hare Today
It Ziz What it is
Smells Like Tree Spirit
Steel Reign
That Which Binds Us
Waiting for a Moon to Fall


Note that there were no gathering points in Alder Springs in version 1.x. The status of 1.x fishing is unknown, more information needed.

Level: 50+
Scarlet Sap

Level: 30
Earth Shard
Jade Peas
Midland Cabbage
Midland Cabbage Seeds
Moor Leech
Wizard Eggplant
Wizard Eggplant Seeds


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Bright Balloon
Clay Golem
Ixali Deftalon
Ixali Lightwing
Ixali Straightbeak
Lesser Kalong
Qiqirn Beater
Shroud Hare
Yarzon Scavenger
Black Eft
Doomvoid Guivre
Goblin Braggadocio

FATE Monsters (2.0+)
Great Oak
Ixali Boldwing
Ixali Swiftbeak
Ixali Swordfighter
Lunar Golem
Shroud Hare
Stone Golem

Quest Monsters (2.0+)
Dark Summoner
Defiant Mage
Floating Eye
Foulques of the Mist
Heavy Banemite
Ixali Skytalon
Moraine Golem
Qiqirn Coddler
Red Balloon
Shale Golem
Spurned Soul (LNC, THM)
Stone Shiver
Wild Jackal

Rank B+ Hunts (2.0+)
Thousand-cast Theda

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