Alfheim (アルフヘイム [alfheim] in Japanese) is the kingdom of the elves in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It stretches all over the northern portion of the small far eastern continent, and consists mostly of forests and mountains, with small stretches of plains between the two at the very north. Alfheim is separated from the southern portion of the continent by a big river.

The village of Alfheim is located at the foot of the Yggdrasil, and the World Tree functions as their castle as well as a holy ground of some kind. Slightly to the south of the village is the Mazewood. In the mountains to the north and east is a hidden entrance to a cave that functions as a back entrance to Yggdrasil. Lastly, to the north and west from the village is the Cave of Tremors, where Titan lives. Right outside the cave is a chocobo forest with yellow and black chocobos.


Alfheim Village

The elven hamlet of Alfheim (エルフの里アルフヘイム [elf no sato alfheim]) has all amenities an adventurer could need, including inn and weapon, armor, magic and sundry shops. Despite their presence, however, the hamlet is small. Other than for elves, it's inhabited by toad-people and gnomes.

All the buildings in the hamlet have been built out of wood logs, and are raised far enough from the ground to need a couple steps up to the floor level.




200 gil

Item Shop
Potion - 30 gil
Ether - 1,500 gil
Phoenix Down - 200 gil
Gold Needle - 400 gil
Maiden's Kiss - 60 gil
Mallet - 80 gil
Echo Grass - 50 gil
Eye Drops - 30 gil
Antidote - 40 gil
Tent - 200 gil
Sacred Candle - 100 gil

White Magic Shop
Slow - 300 gil
Silence - 300 gil
Mini - 300 gil
Cura - 700 gil
Protect - 700 gil
Raise - 700 gil

Black Magic Shop
Poison - 300 gil
Sleep - 300 gil
Toad - 300 gil
Fira - 700 gil
Blizzara - 700 gil
Thundara - 700 gil

Armor Shop
Steel Shield - 1,000 gil
Bandana - 650 gil
Circlet - 700 gil
Steel Helm - 750 gil
Chainmail - 1,650 gil
Silver-spun Robe - 1,700 gil
Iron Bangle - 400 gil
Iron Armlet - 350 gil
Leather Shoes - 60 gil

Weapon Shop
Orihalcon - 1,500 gil
Tyrphing - 1,800 gil
Halberd - 1,800 gil
Slasher - 2,000 gil
Poison Knuckles - 1,700 gil
Heal Staff - 1,650 gil
Flame Rod - 1,600 gil
Ice Rod - 1,600 gil
Thunder Rod - 1,600 gil
Silver Bow - 1,700 gil
Tamer's Whip - 1,900 gil


Alfheim Village
Maiden's Kiss
10 gil


Around Alfheim
Red Cap
Vampire Thorn

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