Argus (アーガス [argus] in Japanese) is a country on the floating continent in Final Fantasy III. Its exact reach is a bit in question, but appears to include most of the inner ring of the continent, surrounding the inner sea. The castle (and presumably capital city, if such a thing exists) lies to the north-west. Beyond it in the mountains is the Gulgan Gulch and to its west is Lake Dohr. To the north-east of the castle is the Tower of Owen. Other areas that may or may not be part of the kingdom are the town of Tokkul to the south and Canaan to the east.

Not much is known about the history of the kingdom. King Argus is friends with Cid Haze and appears to have at least a modicum of knowledge about airships. Cooperation with other highly placed persons appears to be valued in the kingdom, for instead of a throne room the great hall of the castle holds a round table with six seats, one of which is the seat of the king.

When the Warriors of Light can first visit Argus Castle, the place is completely empty. The King's advisor the great magician Hein has taken over and imprisoned everyone in the moving castle he recently made.
Once the Warriors of Light are imprisoned by brainwashed Argus soldiers and thrown into the dungeons with everyone else, they break free and defeat Hein, freeing everyone else in the process. The grateful king gives them the wheel of time.


Argus Castle

The Argus Castle (アーガス城 [argus-jou] or 'castle argus' in Japanese) is presumably the heart of the kingdom. It has a somewhat convoluted layout, making it unclear how exactly the rooms could possibly be connected in practice, as well as plenty of hidden passages and locked rooms. Be sure to bring your thief job if you don't want to be using expensive magic keys to open the locked tower rooms.

The castle itself is surrounded by a moat, and has three or four (accessible) floors. There are two completely separate yards, an outer one where the east and west towers can be accessed, as well as an inner courtyard only accessible from the round table room, which has several wellsprings.



Regular NPCs
King Argus
Unnamed NPCs in Argus


1,000 gil x3

1,000 gil x3
100 gil x2
1,500 gil

Antarctic Wind
Arctic Wind
Bomb Fragment

Left Tower
Killer Bow
Light Arrow
Medusa Arrow x20
Talk: Elixir x2 (after clearing Hein's Castle)

Right Tower
Book of Fire
Book of Ice
Book of Light
Fire Arrow x20
Ice Arrow x20
Scholar Robe


Argus Castle Surroundings

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