Bluefog (ブルーフォグ [bluefog] in Japanese) is the main area forming the northern reaches of Thanalan, and the only area accessible in northern Thanalan post-Calamity. Before the Calamity, Bluefog had access to Sea of Spires in the north-east, Cutter's Pass in the north-west, and Hidden Gorge to the south-west. Cutter's Pass has since been built over by Garleans and now houses the Castrum Meridianum. Bluefog also had access points to Mor Dhona in the north and Black Brush in the south. Both remain in some form, although access to Mor Dhona is controlled by Garleans, and the original way to Black Brush became inaccessible in the Calamity. It is now accessed through a cave complex connected to Nanawa Mines.

There also used to be an access point to Cutter's Cry in Bluefog, although this entrance presumably collapsed in the Calamity, and the only known access point post-Calamity is located in Black Brush. Nearby the old Cutter's Cry access point is an abandoned Amajina&Sons mythril mine.

Bluefog was scene to many harrowing battles after the Calamity as the Garleans fortified their presence in the area. As a result of the battles fought, the immediate vicinity of Castrum Meridianum was renamed Raubahn's Push after general Raubahn Aldynn succeeded in holding back the Garlean forces with but a handful of men.


Ceruleum Field

This deposit of ceruleum is the only known deposit in all of Eorzea. As such, it is a highly contested area, with traditional Ul'dahn governance giving grudging way to Garlean forces. It is of high strategic importance as Garlean machinery relies on ceruleum to work.

Abandoned Amajina&Sons Mythril Mine

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Camp Personnel (1.x)
Gatewarden J'dyalani
Quartermaster Gerlac

Travelers (1.x)

Merchants (1.x)

Immortal Flames (1.x)
Flame Private Stark
Flame Private Hanksalsyn
Flame Private Greave


Class/Job Quests (1.x)
Keeping the Oath

Guildleves (1.x)
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Regular Monsters
Dusty Mongrel
Ravenous Billygoat

Quest Monsters
Manipulated Eye
Manipulated Ogre

Events (1.x)
Deepvoid Scamp
Deepvoid Soul
Deepvoid Warrior

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