Castrum Novum


Castrum Novum is an imperial stronghold in Brittlebark, in the Mor Dhona region. It's located west of the Silvertear Lake, and prevents passage through that side of the lake from Brittlebark to Revenant's Toll or vice versa. It was built in the final stages of the Meteor Project, to facilitate the fall of Dalamud, for which purpose it housed the Lunar Transmitter Tower.

Shposhae is a free dungeon in in-game terms, and meant for parties of 8 of characters level 50. However, there is no attempt to enforce this limit and every adventurer can enter freely. The only related quest is the Grand Company main story quest United We Stand.

Within Castrum Novum, there are four gates that open and close at certain intervals. There is no way to open a gate, you must wait for it to open, preferably in a safe place as the mobs in the area can provide a challenge. You can see if a gate is open by the blue searchlights. If the searchlights are on, the gate is open.
Note that mobs are likewise on a schedule within Castrum Novum, and it is entirely possible that some may despawn while you are fighting them/it.



Lunar Transmitter Tower

The Lunar Transmitter Tower housed a device for communicating with Dalamud - that is, sending it copious amounts of aether to bring it down on Eorzea.

The Tower is entered from the deepest reaches of Castrum Novum, beyond the fourth and final gate. The door is in the small portion of the map shaped like a boot. It is only accessible during the quest United We Stand.


Enter: free entering
Recommended Level: 45
Party: 8
Time Limit: -
Location: Mor Dhona (?,?) (Brittlebark) - Castrum Novum
Quest: United We Stand


There are several coffers within Castrum Novum, and each can only be opened with a certain key. These keys drop from the Magitek Vanguard H-1 mobs. There are only three spawns of the mob, each with a different level. The copper key drops from the level 61 version, silver key from level 62 and gold key from level 63 version.

All Castrum Coffers
Garlean Fiber
Garlean Rubber
Garlean Steel Joint
Garlean Steel Plate
Legionary Visor

Copper Castrum Coffer
Imperial Operative Wristlets

Silver Castrum Coffer
Imperial Operative Choker

Gold Castrum Coffer
Imperial Operative Dalmatica


Castrum Novum mobs
Elite Eques
Elite Hoplomachus
Elite Laquearius
Elite Medicus
Elite Sagittarius
Elite Secutor
Elite Signifer
Imperial Eques
Imperial Hoplomachus
Imperial Laquearius
Imperial Medicus
Imperial Sagittarius
Imperial Secutor
Imperial Signifer
Imperial War Hound
Magitek Vanguard
Magitek Vanguard H-1
VIIth Legion Centurion

United We Stand mobs
Ceruleum Generator
Magitek Transmitter
Magitek Vanguard F-1
VIIth Legion Eques
VIIth Legion Hoplomachus
VIIth Legion Laquearius
VIIth Legion Medicus
VIIth Legion Sagittarius
VIIth Legion Secutor
VIIth Legion Signifer

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