Chocobo Forest (FFIII)

The Chocobo Forests (チョコボの森 [chocobo no mori] or 'chocobo forest' in Japanese) in Final Fantasy III are identical. On the world map they appear as roughly circular forests. When you enter the middle of those forests, you enter the actual forest (depicted on the right).

There are two functions to the chocobo forests. The first is to talk to one of the regular chocobos that putter around the forest. This will enable you to ride it. The second is to examine the tall tree in the upper middle of the forest. Should you choose to use a gysahl greens from your inventory, it will summon a fat chocobo, through which you can store away items for long-term storage or retrieve them.

Chocobo Forests on the Floating Continent
In the midst of the big forest around the Village of the Ancients
In a valley north of Gulgan Gulch
On the dwarven isle in front of the entrance to the Molten Cave

Chocobo Forests on the Overworld
Far south-east of Amur
South of Goldor's Manor
East of Falgabard
In Saronia
Far south of Saronia
West of Replito
Before the giant statues on the eastern continent
Westernmost edge of the eastern continent

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