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Coerthas (クルザス [coerthas] in Japanese) is a highland area in the northern middle of the Aldenard continent. It's governed by the city-state of Ishgard, famous for its strict religious laws. Nevertheless, the mountain passes have many bandits and a famous contraband group called Faces of Mercy operated from within the area before the Calamity.
The Coerthas area lies to the west of the Black Shroud and north of Mor Dhona, both of which it's separated from by White Maiden, one of the major rivers of Aldenard. The the south-west, right by the White Maiden, is the Yafaem Saltmoor. Coerthas is also surrounded by Dravania to the west and Xelphatol to the east. To the north beyond Abalathia's Spine and the Sea of Clouds lies the Farreach.

The weather in Coerthas is mostly windy or sunny with the occasional bout of storms. Ever since Garuda made its home in the peaks, strong winds have become increasingly common. As for the local produce, it was mostly low-growing fruit and herbs as well as hides and wood from the southern reaches of the region. Many Ishgardians make their living as shepherds, so products from sheep such as milk, wool and meat aren't uncommon either. It's of note, however, that the eternal winter brought about by the Calamity made growing almost all crops impossible, and livestock has suffered from the temperatures as well.
The beastmen that have made the highlands their home the longest are the gigas. In recent years the Ixal have also made their home in Coerthas, even going as far as to establish the Natalan outpost. Aside from the beastmen, many types of drakes, wolves, antelopes and hippogryphs called the region their home.


The Coerthas Central Highlands are directly outside the city of Ishgard, connected through the Steps of Faith. It is characterized by the mountain peak called the Nail in the very center of it, within which is the Dzemael Darkhold.
The trade road Haldrath's March heads from the south-east through the Skyfire Locks through Dragonhead to the Gates of Judgement. In the north-east can be found the local aetheryte camp, Camp Dragonhead, and further up north from it, in the Prominence Point area, the ruins of Steel Vigil that was only some years ago taken over by dragons. The area is also home to another of the vigils in the north-west's Whitebrim area, the Stone Vigil. In the south lie the Boulder Downs.
Within Central Highlands also falls the Ixali stronghold Natalan, south-east from the Camp Dragonhead. And while it is largely inaccessible from within the greater Central Highlands, Feathergorge was also connected through its aetherial gate, although is geographically closer to Eastern Lowlands.

The Eastern Highlands were only accessible through a tunnel from the central highlands before the Calamity, and any remaining road there after it remains unknown to the players. The way to the local camp Crooked Fork headed north and passes by the Dawn Vigil. Further north from the camp is the stone circle of Gwyr-Aen.
The western parts of the area are very dangerous for any traveler, and consist of Maiden Glen, Scarwing Fall and Hushed Boughs. Maiden Glen is separated from the eastern parts of the area by the Eagle Rise mountains, and the lake Maidenmere lies to its north. Scarwing Fall to the west houses the Raven's Call Canyon and the Sentinel, an ancient tree on a cliff with a steep drop into the Sea of Clouds below. Hushed Boughs is the southernmost area, and in its southern vales has the Ferndale.

The Eastern Lowlands connect Coerthas to the Black Shroud to the south-east. Haldrath's March heads north and west from there towards Ishgard. On the way it passes by the local aetheryte camp Fields of Glory. The March separates the area into the safe southern reaches by Millers' Glade with the Briar Lake, and the dangerous northern reaches of Weeping Vale (from which passage to Feathergorge can be found) and Clearwater with the Clearwater Lake at the north-eastern tip. To the south-east lies the hamlet of Owl's Nest.
It bears noting that Griffin Crossing, the bridge connecting Eastern Lowlands to Central Highlands, was badly damaged in the Calamity. Major trade (and other traffic) routes now bypass Eastern Lowlands entirely by detouring south.

The Central Lowlands are Ishgard's connection to the region of Mor Dhona in the south. Its northern reaches are characterized by many small lakes dotting the landscape in the west, the Ever Lakes, and the steep fall to the Sea of Clouds in the east, the Teriggan's Stand. Within the Ever Lakes area can be found an entrance to Aurum Vale. Moving south from the Stand there is the mountain Shepherd Peak that separates the two lakes of Ewe Lake and Ram Lake from eachother. In the south-west can be found the Fellwood, within which the Timberlord's Lodge lies.
While Central Lowlands is still presumably there after the Calamity, players now bypass it entirely. The Hall of Seven Echoes that connects Central Highlands to Central Lowlands now takes the player directly to Mor Dhona instead.

The Western Highlands is probably the most isolated area of Coerthas, and consists of the ever-rising Lance and the Wyrmking's Perch at its base, although it bears noting that these higher points of the Western Highlands remain inaccessible to players post-Calamity. In the relative low elevation of the southern parts is Riversmeet, where the two rivers of Coerthas and Swiftrun join together and form the grand Greytail Falls to the east. South of the two rivers is the hamlet of Falcon's Nest, and to the south-west the cliffs of the Red Rim. To the north and west of Riversmeet lies the Twinpools area, with the lakes Banepool and Ashpool, the latter of which also has an island called the Dreaming Dragon in the middle of it.

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