Dravanian Forelands

The Dravanian Forelands (高地ドラヴァニア [kouchi dravania] or 'highlands dravania' in Japanese) is the western tip of the Dravania region. Much of which lies in the shadow of Sohm Al, which is one of the highest mountains in Abalathia's Spine, and above which the Churning Mists region floats in the Sea of Clouds. The main locations of the highlands are Chocobo Forest, Smoldering Wastes, Avalonia Fallen, Abalathia Foothills, and the Mourn caverns within the mountains. Tailfeather, a settlement of hunters, can be found in the Chocobo Forest, and the ancient city Anyx Trine is at the foot of Sohm Al, these days inhabited only by dragons. To the south is Loth ast Gnath where the Gnath live. The Whilom River runs through in a north-south direction.

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