Drybone (ドライボーン [drybone] in Japanese) is an area in eastern Thanalan. To its east can be found the Wellwick Wood (2.0+ only), to the south-east Burning Wall and to the south-south-east Sandgate. Before the Calamity, the area south of Drybone was known as Halatali, but post-Calamity that area was integrated into Drybone and Halatali came to refer only to the fighting area found within the caves of the area. Further south from Halatali is the way to Broken Water, and to the west of Drybone lies the way to Black Brush. Drybone is a central area to life in Thanalan, and must be passed through when traveling between Ul'dah and Gridania.

As an important waypoint, there are various landmarks withing the area. In the north lies the hamlet of Golden Bazaar, as well as the Church of Saint Adama-Landama with its extensive lichyard. The Bazaar lies on the edges of the Invisible City, a cluster of ancient ruins only partially visible aboveground. It's unknown how far these ruins extend, although architecture in the same style can be found in the gorge that Highbridge passes over. Before the Calamity, the Mythril Pit T-8 could be found on the border between Drybone and Halatali, and since the Wellwick Wood area was part of Drybone itself, Thal's Respite could be found here as well.

Camp Drybone is located on the old Allagan highway connecting Ul'dah and Gridania. Aside from the local Aetheryte, there are various facilities for travelers as well.


Camp Drybone

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Invisible City

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Camp Personnel (1.x)
Gatewarden ?
Quartermaster Frediswitha

Brass Blades (1.x)

Immortal Flames
Flame Sergeant Hanette

Merchants (1.x)

Caravan Escort (1.x)


Class Quesst (1.x)
A Piece of History

Grand Company Quests (1.x)
Arms Race
Like Father, Like Son

Sidequests (1.x)
Different Strokes
No Other Dodo Will Do

Guildleves (1.x)
After the Battle
Culling All Coblyns
Popotoes in Peril
Revenge of the Dodos
Sand Yarzon Sweep
Sucking Blood Again
Threading the Needles
Treasures of the Smallfolk
Where the Stone Floats


Mining Quarrying
Bone Chip
Copper Ore
Soiled Femur
Raw Danburite
Raw Heliodor
Raw Sphene
Logging Harvesting
Ash Log
Crow Feather
Elm Log
Cotton Boll
Grass Viper
Ramhorn Zucchini
Sunset Wheat
Fishing Spearfishing
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Black Eel
Dark Bass
Maiden Carp
Striped Goby
Box Turtle
Muddy Water
White Scorpion


Regular Monsters (1.x)
Beady Beetle
Copper Coblyn
Desert Peiste
Drybone Shrew
Stray Dodo
Thistletail Marmot

Quest Monsters (1.x)
Alpha Dreadwolf
Clever Dodo
Hungry Dreadwolf
Imperial Bestiarius
Imperial Centurion
Imperial Funditor
Imperial Hoplomachus
Imperial Laquearius
Imperial Signifer
Imperial Speculator
Imperial Triarius
Imperial Veles

Behest Monsters (1.x)
Carrier Ladybug
Common Cactuar
Firestarter Imp
Naked Mole
Nutbiter Marmot
Sand Yarzon
Stray Dodo
Syrphid Cloud

Caravan Escort (1.x)
Alpha Miteling
Territorial Angler
Territorial Digger
Territorial Gnat
Wayside Backstabber
Wayside Bewitcher
Wayside Bludgeoner

Leve Monsters (1.x)
Cavernulous Coblyn
Common Cactuar
Midge Cloud
Nutbiter Marmot
Sand Yarzon
Stray Dodo
Syrphid Cloud

Event Monsters (1.x)
Shuffling Spriggan

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