Floating Continent (FF3)

The Floating Continent (浮遊大陸 [fuyuu tairiku] or 'floating continent' in Japanese) is the starting location in Final Fantasy III. It is located in the south-west of the map in the middle of a big ocean. While the continent appears as a small speck on the world map, it is still big enough to include the kingdoms of Argus and the ancient super-power1 Sasune.

There are three major mountain ranges on the Continent. The first of them, the Parmeni Mountains is located to the north-east and surrounds the Nelv Valley that comprises the kingdom of Sasune. The second, the Miranos Mountains is in the southern reaches of the continent, and encompasses the lair of the great dragon Bahamut. To its north lies the Miralka Basin that gives way to the inner sea, which is controlled since time immemorial by the Nepto Dragon, to the extent that a temple was built in its honor. Its southern peaks protect the village of the diminutive race of gnomes. The last mountain range, unnamed, is located to the north-west of the Continent and encompasses Lake Dohr, with the Living Wood to its south. Lake Dohr is home to Leviathan, while in the Living Wood live faeries and sentient trees.

In addition to the races and beings listed above, the outer sea has an island where the dwarves live, the south-western outer rim has a village where remnants of the ancients live, and while it's unclear whether the gulgans are a separate race or just eccentric humans, these live in the west. This type of variety appears to be unheard of (at least in the present day) anywhere outside the Floating Continent, and it may be that the isolated conditions have helped preserve more than their fair share of ancient relics and beings.

The Floating Continent is not a natural occurrence, instead being a relic of the time of the ancients, more than 1,000 years in the past, when an unknown complicated mechanism housed in the Tower of Owen raised it to the skies.

Being airborne, the Floating Continent is the only location that wasn't touched by the Water Crystal's flooding protection measures after Xande took over the Earth Crystal and released monsters into the world.


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