Forest of the Fey


Forest of the Fey (妖精の森 [yousei no mori] or 'faerie forest' in Japanese) is a small forest in the middle of a plains on the western continent. It is located north-east of Mt Rusalka, and the Port Rusalka lies further south-west on the coastline. To the north-west of the forest lies the Glacial Cave. There is a spring in the middle of the forest (visible also on the world map).

Forest of the Fey is named such due to the faeries that live there - or at least are said to live. During the story in Final Fantasy Dimensions a family of gypsies camped by the spring, and the father of the family offered a bottled faerie for sale. It's unknown where exactly he caught the faerie, but it could be that it was within the forest. However the case, when the Warriors of Light saved his son from drowning and defeated the vortex-elementals that created the whirlpool he was drawn into, the gypsy agreed to free the bottled fairy and swore never to do something like that again.



Gypsy father
Gypsy mother
Gypsy son


Save the gypsy son from the whirlpool. Doing so will cause the gypsy father to release the bottled fairy, who in turn will give you the Bottle of Bubbly Water that you need.

Treasure Game
This minigame is played by the spring by talking to the gypsy father and lets you open one of two chests. Opening the one on the left will cost you 100 gil and has common consumables as rewards, opening the one on the right will cost you 1,000 gil but has better rewards, including some equips not obtainable otherwise.
Note that the contents of each chest for your next try are decided once you save the game. Thus, when aiming for the rare contents of the 1,000-gil chest, unless you get extremely lucky you will have to open it many times per save, otherwise you'll just keep getting the same items. This means you need at least a nest egg of 2,000 gil unless you mean to accept whatever item you receive and fail to save before doing the game.

Rarity 100 gil rewards 1,000 gil rewards
Failure None
100 gil
Common healing items
500 gil
1,000 gil
Phoenix Down
Gold Needle
Good 200 gil
Phoenix Down
Gold Needle
2,000 gil
Golden Harp
Rare X-Potion
Mini Dagger
Golden Harp
Small Fang
Faerie Bangle
Star Pendant
White Cape
Drowsy Ring
Swift Shoes


Mythril Axe
Thunder Bow
Event: Bottle of Bubbly Water


Grizzly Bear
Killer Tiger
Killer Wolf
Plant Spider
Boss: Vortex x3

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