Jagged Crest Cave
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Jagged Crest Cave (ジャゲッドクレスト洞窟 [jagged crest doukutsu] in Japanese) is a small cave in the area of Brittlebark in Mor Dhona, to the east of Castrum Novum. While it has its own aetherial gate, the area is considered to only include the cave itself.

Jagged Crest Cave remained undiscovered for a long time in the modern times, up until the Garlean Empire set up the Castrum Novum. When the three nations of Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah sent out soldiers to scout the place, they found the cave which could conveniently be used as a safe haven right at Castrum Novum's doorstep. They managed to take the cave over and set up camp.




Twin Adders
Serpent Commander Vevina Yarborough
Serpent Commander Flutaint
Serpent Captain Tall Oak

High Storm Commander R'ashaht Rhiki
Storm Captain Myrganmoen Roehmannsyn
Storm Lieutenant Hidden Sunset

Immortal Flames
Flame Commander Jakys Ryder
Flame Private Dhavha
Flame Private Sompt


Grand Company Quests
United We Stand

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