Larkscall (ラークスコール [larkscall] in Japanese) is an area in the east Shroud, close to the border between Gridania and Ala Mhigo. It is separated from Little Solace to the south-west and Bramble Patch to the north-west by the river Springripple Brook. To the north is Sylphlands, to the north-west Verdant Drop, and somewhere to the south or south-west is the Springripple lake, presuming it didn't evaporate in the Calamity.

Larkscall is the boundary land between the the inhabitable areas of Nine Ivies in the south-west and the sylph-controlled Sylphlands to the north. Many sylphs, both touched and normal kind, can be found flitting about, going about their business. The area also bears the scars of Garlean incursions to sylph-controlled lands.


The Honey Yard

The Honey Yard was retconned out of Larkscall for version 2.0, and now resides in Nine Ivies instead. Before the retcon, it was simply a field of flowers on higher elevation than the Nine Ivies that lay below close by.


The rusting juggernauts littering the forest floor are remnants of past Garlean efforts to eradicate the sylphs, killing beastmen being one of their professed reasons for waging war. The sylphs aren't entirely defenseless however, and are perfectly capable of confounding the imperial units enough so that many never return.

Sylphlands Gate

The entrance to Sylphlands is cut off with an elaborate gate, wrought of both iron and wood and living ivy. It could be seen closed in the beta version of 2.0, although has been permanently open since the launch.



Quest NPCs (2.0+) Quest NPCs (1.x)
Coming soon

FATE NPCs (2.0+)
Mianne Thousandmalm
Phanaxio of the New Leaf


Note that there were no quests in Larkscall in version 1.x.

All Vine and No Popotos
Below His Station
Collecting Keepsakes
Don't Drink the Water
The Enemy of My Enemy
The Enmity of My Enemy
Everything's Better
The Killing Fields
The Squirrel Trapper's Wife
Steel Reign
A Wrench in the Works


Note that there were no gathering points in Larkscall in version 1.x.

Fishing: Springripple Brook
Level: 15, Type: Freshwater
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Bluebell Salmon
Brass Loach
Eunuch Crayfish
Maiden Carp
Rainbow Trout
River Crab

Fishing: Verdant Drop
Level: 25, Type: Freshwater
Black Eel
Climbing Perch
Fall Jumper
Rainbow Trout
River Crab
Spotted Pleco
Yugr'am Salmon

Fishing: Sylphlands
Level: 45, Type: Freshwater
Other: the Japanese name further specifies this as the Sylphlands Valley. Any and all little spring and stream and lake in the vicinity is part of this fishing spot
Common Sculpin
Giant Bass
Magicked Mushroom
Mushroom Crab
Southern Pike
Timeworn Goatskin Map
Velodyna Carp


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
3rd Cohort Eques
3rd Cohos Hoplomachus
3rd Cohort Laquearius
3rd Cohort Secutor
3rd Cohort Signifer
Molted Ziz
Oldgrowth Treant
Sylpheed Screech
Sylpheed Sigh
Sylpheed Snarl
Sylphlands Condor
Wind Sprite
Doomvoid Guivre
Dwarf Banemite
Fallen Soldier
Wild Boar
FATE Monsters (2.0+)
3rd Cohort Optio
3rd Cohort Secutor
Aulus Rem Vulso
Capricious Cassie
Imperial Engineer
Proto Armor
Sylpheed Screech
Sylpheed Sigh
Sylpheed Snarl
Quest Monsters (2.0+) Quest Monsters (1.x)
3rd Cohort Eques
3rd Cohort Laquearius
3rd Cohort Secutor
3rd Cohort Signifer
3rd Cohort Vanguard
Aetherbound Kern
Chert Golem
Wind Sprite
Coming soon
Rank B+ Hunts (2.0+) Notorious Monsters (1.x)
Stinging Sophie

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