Lasthold (廃砦 [haisai] or 'abandoned fortress' in Japanese) was an area of the north Shroud, north of Emerald Moss, Treespeak and Alder Springs. It was full of dangerous monsters, including guivres, raptors and malboros.

Lasthold was retconned out in the transition from version 1.x to version 2.0. The entrance to Peacegarden became the area of Peacegarden, and the Gelmorra Ruins and Proud Creek became part of the new Proud Creek area that largely replaced Lasthold. It could in fact be speculated that the ruins that can be found in north-eastern Proud Creek are actually the entrance to Lasthold proper.


Gelmorra Ruins

The Gelmorra Ruins (ゲルモラ遺跡 [gelmorra iseki] or 'gelmorra ruins' in Japanese) were retconned out of Lasthold and into the southern portions of Proud Creek. However, what didn't make the transition are the small statue-like things that were arranged in a circle around the perimeter of the circular ruin. They were made out of the same substance as Amberscale Rock in Sorrel Haven, and have been associated with elementals and greenwrath.


In version 1.x, Peacegarden (ピースガーデン [peacegarden] in Japanese) was actually a dungeon, albeit one that was never properly added to the game. Mining of the game files showed it to be an ancient structure built underground and made mostly out of wood. Peacegarden the dungeon was retconned out and replaced with Peacegarden the area.




Wood Wailers


Regular Monsters
Doomvoid Guivre
Overgrown Rose

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