Lynxpelt Patch
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Lynxpelt Patch (大山猫の縄張り [ooyamaneko no nawabari] or 'domain of the lynx' in Japanese) is an area of east Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV. It's located to the north and slightly east of Bramble Patch (that was retconned between Nine Ivies and Verdant Drop starting with version 2.0) and Nine Ivies. To its east lies the Verdant Drop, which sunk completely in the Calamity and became a lake, in the middle of which the Sanctum of the Twelve rests.

Lynxpelt Patch consists of forest on elevated cliffs. It is completely inaccessible in version 2.0+, although is still presumed to be there in at least some function as there is no word of its destruction.



Regular Monsters
Banescale Guivre
Creeping Ivy
Fallen Pikeman
Redwing Ked

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