The Mazewood (迷いの森 [mayoi no mori] or 'forest of getting lost' in Japanese) is a forest in the middle of the far eastern continent in Dimensions. It separates the lands of the humans (Verde) from the lands of the elves and other critters, and is normally impassable - a veritable maze. It is also full of strong monsters.

During the story of the game, the Warriors of Darkness had to pass through the Mazewood on their way to Alfheim. They managed to pass through the first portions of the forest with a hint from a Verdean village boy, but were unable to proceed through the deeper parts of the woods until an old ranger joined them and guided them towards Alfheim.




Passage through the Mazewood can be confusing if you don't know what you're doing. However, in the end it's rather simple.

At first, you can proceed as normally and explore every place you feel like exploring. However, when you come across a save point in a 4-way intersection, know that it is the start of the true Mazewood. To get through this portion of the wood, you need to first take the east way, then north, west, and finally north again.

After the first true portion of the Mazewood, you can once again continue normally until you come across a save point. If you try continuing north from that point you will only repeat the same screen again and again, so head south for an event. After that, you can continue north, the exit of Mazewood is not far.


Save the Moogle
Should you re-enter the Mazewood, you can find a moogle surrounded by monsters. Examine those monsters, and one of them will turn out to be a Skull Eater. Note that defeating it will require special strategy, as all regular attacks and all abilities and statuses will do 0 damage…but it also has only 1 HP. The trick is to go into the fight in toad status, as all attacks by a frog will do exactly 1 damage.
Skull Eater hits hard, is very fast, and hits twice in a turn, so be sure to place everyone in the back row to try ensure at least someone survives to hit it.


Before first save point
600 gil
800 gil

After first true portion

After Freyr joins
Sacred Candle
Steel Shield
1,200 gil


Happy Bunny
Red Cap
Vampire Thorn
Boss: Scout x2
Boss: Skull Eater

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