Nepto Temple


The Nepto Temple (ネプト神殿 [nepto shinden] or 'nepto temple' in Japanese) is a dilapidated temple on a peninsula on the inner sea of the floating continent in Final Fantasy III. It lies to the north of the Miranos Mountains and the Vikings' Cove. Beyond the sea to the north-east lies the town of Canaan, to the south-west Tokkul. Castle Argus can be reached beyond the sea to the north-west. This means that Nepto Temple is very centrally located in a position to dominate all of the inner sea, which is suitable as it is dedicated to Nepto Dragon, the guardian of the sea.

During the game, Nepto Dragon is rampaging because its statue in the temple has been defaced. The Warriors of Light investigate and find the missing ruby eye has been taken by a Giant Rat. They retrieve the eye for Nepto Dragon, who in turn allows travel by sea again, and gives them the Fang of Water.


Note that normally only the ground level of the temple is accessible. To get around this, the Warriors of Light use Mini on themselves and enter the inner rooms and caves through the mouth of the statue of Nepto Dragon that is prominently displayed on the ground floor.



B2F (A)
Shell Helm
Shell Armor

B2F (B)
Serpent Sword

Boss reward: Nepto Eye


Blood Worm
Poison Bat
Boss: Giant Rat

Category: Area

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