The Norvallen region (ノルバレン地方 [norvallen chihou] or 'Norvallen region' in Japanese) is located in the mid-eastern parts of the northern portion of the Quon continent. To the north of it lies Fauregandi, to the west Ronfaure, and to the south and east the Sea of Shu'meyo. The Artisan Bridge leads from the Mossoulie Peninsula that holds most of the region into Jeuno. The Achaque Mountains line the northern reaches of the region, with the sprawling Jugner Forest taking up most of the middle of it. Biggest landmarks in the region are the Lake Mechieume in Jugner Forest and the Phanauet Channel that connects the Sea of Shu'meyo all the way to San d'Oria.

Not many things grown in Norvallen, and as such its main import is different kinds of wood - arrowwood and ash being the prominent ones. In addition, the area produces blue peas, and crying mustard from the goblins. The regional vendors selling these goods are Machielle in Southern San d'Oria G-9, Mille in Bastok Mines G-6 and Posso Ruhbini in Port Windurst D-7.



The Kingdom of San d'Oria still claims that the Norvallen Region is under its reign - though it may not necessarily be under its control. Located on the Mossoulie Peninsula, this region is home to numerous locations that have played great roles in Elvaan history. The Eldieme Necropolis, for example, is considered by them as a holy land. However, war has taken its toll on the region, altering the landscape in a dramatic fashion. In contrast to the lush woodlands that are found in the Jugner Forest, Batallia Downs is a nearly barren wasteland. This fate became the downs when, over twenty years ago, nearly all of its trees were cut down and the lumber was used to construct bulwarks to fend off beastman attacks.1


Mossoulie Peninsula

Located at the very edge of the Mossoulie Peninsula is Batallia Downs, protected in the north by the Achaque Mountains and surrounded by the Sea of Shu'meyo. There is a pass through the mountains into the area of Beaucedine Glacier. The Batallia area used to be more heavily forested, but the last of the Batallia trees were cut down during the Crystal War to defend Jeuno from attacking Gigas. Below Batallia lie the resting places of many generations of Elvaan, the Eldieme Necropolis, these days an undead-infested capital of the dead. Many entrances to lie scattered around Batallia. In addition to the Artisan Bridge leading to Jeuno, the Lord Bolicevre Bridge leads to the Rolanberry Fields.
The base of the peninsula on the souther side is the location of Vunkerl Inlet, which has been largely cut off from the rest of the Norvallen area since the Crystal War. It connects to Jugner Forest as well as Rolanberry Fields, and has the Lake Jaroia as well as the Ludiwa and Memjar springs.

Jugner Forest

The Jugner Forest sprawls at the southern and south-western parts of the region, and is heavily infested by orcs and goblins. The beautiful Lake Mechieume lies at its northern edge, fed by the Tisaret River and Vadout Brook. In the north-east lies the Spore Hollow, a valley between small mountains that is an ideal growing ground for different types of mushrooms. To the north of the forest lies Batallia Downs, to the east the Vunkerl Inlet, to the south-west La Theine Plateau, and to the west Ronfaure and most parts of Carpenter's Landing.
To the south of the forest itself can be found the orc camp of Davoi, the area of which used to house the village and monastery of La Vaule.

Phanauet Channel

The Phanauet channel flows from (presumably) the Sea of Shu'meyo to an unknown location to the north of San d'Oria. On its way it connects the areas of Jugner Forest to Northern San d'Oria. The area around the channel is called Carpenters' Landing.

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