Peacegarden (ピースガーデン [peacegarden] in Japanese) is an area in north Shroud, between Proud Creek to the west and Treespeak to the south beyond the river Murmur Rills. The village of Hyrstmill is to the north-east and the Ixal settlement of Ehcatl in a valley to the south-west. It is a sparsely wooded forest area, and is known for being the place where elementals and people of Gelmorra first communicated1.

It bears noting that Peacegarden was only kind of present in version 1.x. In those times, Peacegarden was actually a dungeon that was never actually added to the game, although its entrance was present in the area of Lasthold (retconned into the area of Proud Creek). Depending on how you think, the current area of Peacegarden could be a retcon of the area in Lasthold surrounding the Peacegarden entrance, or the area in north-east Emerald Moss where the Hedgetree and Hyrstmill used to be. Note that these were two different locations.


The Hedgetree

The Hedgetree (境樹 [kyouju] or 'border tree' in Japanese) is one of the numerous trees around the Twelveswood that uphold the Hedge that keeps out things from outside the forest.



The Magical Fruit

Event Quests/FATEs
Gloria in Eggcelsis


Level: 20
Earth Shard
Raw Sphene

Level: 30
Brown Pigment
Earth Crystal
Earth Shard
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter
Yellow Pigment

Fishing: Murmur Rills
Level: 15, Type: Freshwater
Blue Widow
Bluebell Salmon
Brass Loach
Maiden Carp
Rainbow Trout
River Crab
Tri-colored Carp


Regular Monsters
Midge Swarm
Treant Sapling

FATE Monsters
North Shroud Opo-opo

Quest Monsters
Ailbert the Lost
Ixali Dulltalon
Ixali Lostwing
Ixali Slowbeak
Nezul Cattlan the Violator

Rank B+ Hunts
Thousand-cast Theda

Event Monsters
Enormous Egg

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