Proving Grounds

A New Empire

The Proving Grounds is a largely neglectable building right next to your Citadel. It lets you challenge a monster once per day for free, and lets you attack additional times if you have any Ether or Elixir to use for it.

Level Requirement Cost Time Capabilities Rewards
1 (built by default) - - Attack Flan -
2 Citadel lv15 5,000 Proving Grounds lv2 Blueprint, 134,740 gil, 183,390 food, 314,390 metal, 598,830 stone, 44,910 energy 4 h 50 min 50 s Attack Garula Hero exp +490, Power +810
Level Ether Cost Possible Rewards
Flan 50 50,000 Noctis EXP, Garnet gem lv1, 1,000 VIP Points, 350 gold, +25% 4h March Size
Garula 150 49,000 coin, 49,000 wheat, 49,000 granite, 49,000 lead, 49,000 essence,
80,000 Noctis EXP, Garnet gem lv1, 11h Speed Up, 1,000 VIP Points, 350 gold, +20% 12h Attack Boost

Category: Area

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