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The Ronkan Empire, also called the Ronkan Dynasty, is mentioned on the side in Final Fantasy Tactics. It is an ancient empire that ruled from a floating island in the times before the Cataclysm. Not to be confused with the ancient Ronka present in Final Fantasy V.


It's unknown where in the world Ronka was located. Judging from how several ruins of the civilization (the floating castle Ronka ruins and the Mirage Tower below it, along with the phantom train) are found during errand quests in FFT, they can't be too far out from the kingdom of Ivalice on the Ordalia continent. They are also described as having conquered the Lankom Islands in the past1, but the location of the Islands isn't known either. There are known to be 'island nations' to the west of Ordalia continent though, so it could be that the Lankom Islands are found there, north-west from the kingdom of Ivalice. This means either in or beyond the lands controlled by Romanda during FFT.


The exact time of the Ronka empire's rule is unknown. They are described as a civilization of the 'middle ages' during the times of FFT, but this tells basically nothing of the time period as FFT itself is described as middle ages several hundred years in the future from its time.

It is known that the Ronkans were not an entirely peaceful civilization. The court thaumaturge Matoya created for them the Enthralled, who were transported to war with the Phantom Train.

If the novel Mesa's Musings has any truth to it, the Ronkan civilization collapsed at least several hundred years before the Cataclysm. They were wiped out by a mysterious disease.

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