Shposhae (シュポシェイ [shposhae] in Japanese) was a cave complex in the Moraby Bay area in La Noscea in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x, on the island of Vylbrand. It's not too far from Limsa Lominsa itself, but on a lower elevation that requires going much further south to access. The cave entrance is almost directly north of the Moraby Bay aetherial node.

Shposhae was a free dungeon in in-game terms, and meant for parties of 4 of characters level 15. However, there is no attempt to enforce this limit and every adventurer can enter freely, have they completed the related quest Call of Booty or not.

The entrance to Shposhae collapsed in the Calamity.


Shposhae is one of the destinations of Llymlaen's followers in their yearly pilgrimage, having a total of five locations from Llymlaen's Ascent, the tale of the goddess's life. These locations are, in order: Llymlaen's Resolve, Bearing, Trial, Encounter and Stand.

Other than that, traditionally not much weight was given to Shposhae by the citizens of Limsa Lominsa. The cave stayed un-entered other than for the pilgrims for nigh on 10 years (from autumn of the game's first year, patch 1.19/the year 1573), and was mostly used as a test of courage for new members of pirate crews as it was rumored to be haunted.
However, one day in late summer some new recruits of the pirate band Salthounds entered the caves and returned not with tall tales of ghosts but with gold coins minted in the ancient Allagan Empire. The crew tried to keep the discovery down, but was unsuccessful, largely due to the spending fees of its members and their subsequent drunken tales. It was soon known all over Limsa's seafarers that Shposhae might in fact hide the legendary treasure trove of captain Rycharde Mistbeard. This brought on a veritable avalanche of would-be treasure hunters to Shposhae. A guard was set at the entrance by the pirates themselves to guarantee fair distribution of all loot among the pirates, that no one would attempt to sneak away with large hoards.
Eventually, word of the rumored treasure reached other cities as well, and brought on the entrance of adventurers.


Enter: free entering
Recommended Level: 15
Party: 4-8
Time Limit: -
Location: Lower La Noscea (28,33) (Moraby Bay) - Shposhae
Quest: Call of Booty


Most treasure from within Shposhae can be gained from the various treasure chests within the area. Each treasure chest requires a specific key to open, all of which can be found either from the mobs or from other chests within Shposhae. However, some of the better loot comes from taking on the several NMs of the area.

Note that every coffer mentioned can drop various other items as well, what is listed is only the unique/untradable equip from it.

Copper Coffer Key
The key itself drops from Grippers on all floors of Shposhae. The Copper coffer itself can be found on map 2 in the middle circular room on the west side of the map. This is the same room where Shearing Sheridan spawns as well. The drop is Plundered Plate Belt.

Bronze Coffer Key
The Bronze key drops from all Jackal Pups, these appear on maps 4 and 5. The chest is located on map 4 in the small separate room on the east side. It has a chance to drop a Plundered Rope Belt.

Brass Coffer Key
The Brass key drops from Spawning Orobons, on maps 2, 3 and 4. The chest is located on the third map in the big room, close by to the clam in the wide open space. The unique drop from it is Plundered Leather Belt.

Silver Coffer Key
They key for the Silver Coffer is dropped by Shade Lurkers. These can only be found by searching out the glowing clam on map 2. It is located in the westernmost circular room on the map. What you must do is wait for the clam to change colors. This will spawn the Shade Lurkers.
The silver chest is located on map 2 as well, in the northernmost small room, just north of the clam. It has a chance to drop Plundered Sabatons. Another item is the Gold Coffer Key.

Mythril Coffer Key
The Mythril key is obtained in a similar method to the silver coffer key, but on map 3. The clam is located in the wide open space south of the lake. The mob that spawns from the clam is Shadow Lurker. The chest is at the eastern edge at the north of the lake, not too far from the clam. The unique loot from it is Plundered Moccasins. It can also have an Electrum Coffer Key.

Steel Coffer Key
Like the Silver and Mythril keys, the Steel coffer key is dropped by Gloom Lurkers spawned from the clam on map 4, just north of the lake. The chest is located in the small separate northern room on map 5, and has a chance to include Plundered Duckbills and a Rose Gold Coffer Key.

Gold Coffer Key
The Gold key drops from silver coffers. The chest is located on map 2, in the circular room at the south-west corner of the map. It can drop a Plundered Haubergeon.

Electrum Coffer Key
Electrum keys drop from the Mythril Coffers. The coffer itself is located on map 3, at the western ledge to the north of the lake. The unique drop from it is Plundered Jacket.

Rose Gold Coffer Key
Rose Gold keys are obtained from Steel coffers. The coffer the key opens is located on map 5, in the south-western small room. It has a chance to drop a Plundered Bliaud.

Shearing Sheridan
Shearing Sheridan is located on map 2 in the same circular room as the copper chest. There doesn't appear to be any special pop condition. He drops the Plundered Cavalier's Hat.

Giant Remora
The Remora spawns in the only circular room of map 3, with no particular condition. He drops Pirate's Bandana.

Lone Coeurl
Lone Coeurl is a conditional pop, located in the big circular room at the western edge of map 5. He spawns the exact moment all Jackal Pups on the floor are dead, and drops the Coeurl's Eye.


Regular Monsters
Black Bat
Gloom Lurker
Jackal Pup
Shade Lurker
Shadow Lurker
Spawning Orobon
Spelaean Slug

Notorious Monsters
Giant Remora
Shearing Sheridan
Lone Coeurl

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