Silent Arbor


Silent Arbor (沈黙の花壇 [chinmoku no kadan] or 'silent flower bed' in Japanese) is a forest area in south Shroud. The East Hathoeva River and the village of Quarrymill separate it from Tranquil Paths to the west. To the south-west lies Snakemolt that connects the forest to the swampland of Rootslake, and to the south-east is the enclosed valley of Urth's Gift. Note though, that the location of Silent Arbor shifted a little bit between versions 1.x and 2.0. There was also no entrance to Mun-Tuy Cellars in version 1.x as there is now.

Silent Arbor is one of the locations within the Shroud where the elementals permit hunting. There are also semi-wild apple groves in the area.



The Goblinblood (ゴブリン族の生簀 [goblin-zoku no ikesu] or 'goblins' fish preserve' in Japanese) is a small pond in Silent Arbor. The goblins have taken up semi-permanent residence on its shores, as in the pond live goblin perches, a type of fish that is especially tasty to them.

Goblins' Meet

Goblins' Meet (ゴブリン族の野営地 [goblin-zoku no yaeichi] or 'goblin campsite' in Japanese) is a gathering of goblin tents that has been semi-permanently picked around the Goblinblood pond. Its closeness to the settlement of Quarrymill guarantees that the goblin occupants come to be at odds with the good people of the settlement at regular intervals.

Redbelly Hive

Redbelly Hive (レッドベリー砦 [redbelly toride] or 'fort redbelly' in Japanese) is what remains of the village of Boughbury. When its inhabitants fled during the Calamity, the bandit group Redbelly Wasps took over, and in the years since have proven that they can be very difficult to excise, despite the best efforts of the Wood Wailers.

Takers' Rot

Takers' Rot (朽葉の吹溜り [kuchiba no fukidamari] or 'blown together decayed leaves' in Japanese) is the base of the Coeurlclaws bandit group, which consists entirely of miqo'te. Encyclopedia Eorzea1 indicates that the name has been given to the place by Gridanians to reflect the rotten-to-the-core morals of the bandits. This implication is completely missing in the Japanese name.



NPCs (2.0+)
Boughbury Trader

Quest NPCs (2.0+)
Leih Aliapoh
Leveva Byrde
Pukno Poki
Urha Lihzeh

FATE NPCs (2.0+)
Wood Wailer Lance


Note that there were no quests in Silent Arbor in version 1.x.

Side Quests
A Bumper Crop

Breaching the Hive
Clearing the Hive
The Coeurl King
Conspiracy Theory
Defending the Hive
Hide and Seek
The Negotiators
The One that Got Away
Robbin' Goblins
To Whom the Toll Goes

Battlecraft Leves
More than Meets the Eye
Necrologos: The Beholders
Necrologos: Olidious Separation
Refugee Raw
Revisiting Raimdelle
Rope a 'Lope
Up the Creek

Fieldcraft Leves
Baby, Light My Way
Can't Start a Fire
Fool Me Twice
Moon in Rouge
Mushroom Gobblin'
Over the Underbrush
Tag, You're It


Note that there were no gathering points in Silent Arbor in version 1.x.

Logging (2.0+)
Level: 30
Alligator Pear
Chocobo Feather
Ice Shard

Fishing: East Hathoeva River
Type: Freshwater, Level: 25
Other: note that most pools of water in Silent Arbor are actually parts of the East Hathoeva River
Black Eel
Dark Sleeper
Eunuch Crayfish
Faerie Bass
The Grinner
Rainbow Trout
Velodyna Carp

Fishing: Goblinblood
Type: Freshwater, Level: 30
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Black Ghost
Dark Bass
Five-ilm Pleco
The Gobfather
Goblin Perch
Yugr'am Salmon


Regular Monsters (1.x) Regular Monsters (2.0+)
Fallgourd Funguar
Goblin Bouncer
Goblin Mugger
Ixali Boundwing
Ixali Fearcaller
Ixali Squire
Ixali Stillbeak
Scout Vulture
Antelope Stag
Coeurlclaw Cutter
Coeurlclaw Hunter
Coeurlclaw Poacher
Goblin Ambusher
Goblin Thug
Redbelly Larcener
Redbelly Lookout
Redbelly Sharpeye
Water Sprite

FATE Monsters (2.0+)
Coeurlclaw Concubine
Coeurlclaw Cutter
Coeurlclaw Falconer
Coeurlclaw Hunter
Coeurlclaw King
Coeurlclaw Poacher
Coeurlclaw Trapper
Goblin Robber
Goblin Thug
Redbelly Chanter
Redbelly Gutter
Redbelly Hivekeep
Redbelly Sharpeye
Severaint Seven Splinter
Hive Gate

Additional Leve Monsters (2.0+)
Greedy Hog
Greedy Hoglet
Wanted Goblin

Quest Monsters (2.0+)
Coeurlclaw Healer
Coeurlclaw Tailchaser
Coeurlclaw Trapper
Grotty Imp
Hunting Falcon
Redbelly Tomb Raider
Tainted Earth Sprite

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