Silver Bazaar
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Silver Bazaar (シルバーバザー [silver bazaar] in Japanese) is a hamlet in western Thanalan. Version 1.x had it located directly south of Horizon's Edge and Scorpion Keep, but come version 2.0 the area connecting Silver Bazaar elsewhere was called Hammerlea. It also bears noting that in version 1.x Silver Bazaar was completely landlocked, but in version 2.0 it is on the coast, and the NPCs behave as if some of them have been fishermen their whole lives. It is likely that Silver Bazaar's relocation is a retcon instead of an effect wrought by the Calamity.

Silver Bazaar has been in decline for a very long time. It used to see major traffic by merchants bringing their overseas wares to Ul'dah when it was first established, but that soon dried out, leaving the residents in worsening poverty. Since the Calamity, the elite of Ul'dah have longed for sprawling residence away from the refugees lining the city, and as a result the homes of Silver Bazaar's residents are under constant threat of demolition to make space for the rich.



Villagers (1.x)
Agzu Rungzu

Brass Blades (1.x)
Padaku Sondaku


Job Quests (1.x)
Curious Gorge Goes to the Bazaar

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