Sorrel Haven


Sorrel Haven (スカンポの安息所 [sukanpo no ansokujo] or 'garden sorrel's place of repose' in Japanese) was originally a wetland area to the south-west of Bentbranch, mostly south of Humblehearth. However, as the Calamity rent the ground and raised everything west of Bentbranch proper to a much higher elevation, Sorrel Haven came to be considered to reach right up to the gates of Gridania, and the Everscade valley was left on the lower elevation and is now part of Bentbranch. Travel to Bentbranch directly from Sorrel Haven can now only happen via the Matron's Lethe, the root of a giant heavenspillar. The area north-west was completely destroyed, and is now called Standing Corses.

Sorrel Haven still has extensive wetlands, but only to the south, around the Hopeseed Pond. In Sorrel Haven is also located Haukke Manor, the home of a Gridanian noble family that has now been taken over by voidsent. The area has always been considered a rather more dangerous area than its surroundings. Raptors and morbols are a mainstay in the area's ecology, before the Calamity and after it. Reflecting this in the present day is how the White Wolf Gate to Gridania is now permanently closed as the dangerous wildlife has spread almost to the gates, threatening the safety of the city.

Sorrel Haven received its name from how extensively the herb sorrel grows in the area1. It can be commonly found elsewhere in the Black Shroud as well, but in Sorrel Haven it grows enough to blanket the ground in its purple-brown color.


Amberscale Rock

The Amberscale Rock (鱗紋岩 [uroko mon iwa] or 'scale crest rock' in Japanese) is a rock of a peculiar amber shade that can sometimes be seen around the Black Shroud. This one, located in a small cave, is bigger than most pieces, and is shaped rather like a crouching dragon. There appears to be some connection to the conjurer Morys, who was claimed by the greenwrath and became a wildling.

Amberscale Rock was considered to be in Bentbranch or Humblehearth in version 1.x. However, with the redistribution of land during the Calamity, it is now considered to be in Sorrel Haven. Its physical location hasn't changed.

Dunstan's Spire

Dunstan's Spire (ダンスタン監視哨 [dunstan kanshishou] or 'dunstan observation post' in Japanese) is a watchtower almost right on the cliff that separates Sorrel Haven from Bentbranch. It was named after Dunstan, a famed Wood Wailer who led a unit of Gridanians who went to ground pretending to be wildlings, but was in actuality taking action separate from the elementals' will against the Garlean incursions back in 1560s of the Sixth Astral Era.
It is unknown when the watchtower was built, although its name (and precarious position) suggests that it might be relatively recent, post-Calamity even.

Everschade / Guardian Tree

Before the Calamity, the Everschade valley (and the Guardian Tree growing within) were considered to be in Sorrel Haven. However, due to the upheavals of land during the Calamity, the valley is now considered to be in Bentbranch.

Hopeseed Pond

The Hopeseed Pond (芽吹の池 [nobuki no ike] or 'opening bud pond' in Japanese) is a pond (or series of ponds) that welled out of the ground in the wake of the Calamity after a shard of Dalamud fell on the ground and fragmented it2. Due to the heavy earth-aspected aether in the area, the plants bloom in a frenzy. The wetness and flourishing vegetation also make it an idea breeding ground for morbols.

Sanguine Perch

Sanguine Perch (早贄台 [hayanie dai] or 'dais of the butcher bird's impaled prey' in Japanese) is a towering cliff left behind by the upheavals of ground during the Calamity. Since then, deathgazes have made it their feeding ground, where they hang the corpses of their prey for safekeeping on sturdy branches for later feeding.

White Wolf Gate

The White Wolf Gate (白狼門 [hakurou mon] or 'white wolf gate' in Japanese) is the south-western gate into the city of Gridania via the Berlends bridges. The gate used to be located right on the Furline that leads north to Coerthas, and was permanently open. However, the Calamity upset the area greatly and caused fearsome beasts to take up residence right up to the gates. These days, the White Wolf Gate is closed, and only permits select few travelers through.



Note that there were no NPCs in Sorrel Haven in version 1.x.

The Crater
Marcette Manne

Other areas
Wood Wailer Ealdred
Wood Wailer Thievenaix

Thibain the Blunt
Greatloam Farmer
Wood Wailer Sentry


Note that no quests originated in Sorrel Haven in version 1.x.

Side Quests
Doing the Dirty Work
Fungal Frolic
In Too Deep
Shocking Discoveries

Event Quests and FATEs
A Journey to Remember
Steel Reign
The Way of the Samurai

Asipatra Attacks
My Baby Green
The Lindwurm Has Turned
Revenant Things
What's Your Poison


Note that there were no gathering points in Sorrel Haven in 1.x. The status of fishing for the version is unconfirmed.

Level: 35
Raw Amethyst
Raw Peridot
Wind Shard

Level: 50+
Mazlaya Greens
Shroud Tea Leaves

Fishing: Haukke Manor
Level: 35, Type: Freshwater
Other: note that this info applies for the grounds of the manor, not inside it
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Monke Onke

Fishing: Hopeseed Pond
Level: 35, Type: Freshwater
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Black Eel
Black Ghost
Clown Loach
The Green Jester


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Brood Ziz
Death Gaze
Floating Eye
Lightning Spark
Lightning Sprite
Cinderbelly Eft
Eye Trap
Fallen Soldier
Qiqirn Beater
Truffle Hog
FATE Monsters (2.0+)
Jaded Jody
Quest Monsters (2.0+) Quest Monsters (1.x)
Deep-stained Sprite
Duskwight Outlaw
Earthbound Wrath
Firebound Wrath
Icebound Wrath
Lightning Elemental
Water Elemental
Wind Elemental
Event Monsters (2.0+) Event Monsters (1.x)
Gore Demon
Orderly Imp
Rank B+ Hunts (2.0+) Notorious Monsters (1.x)
White Joker

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