Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak

The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak (トトラクの千獄 [toto-rak no chigoku] or 'thousand-jail of Toto-Rak') is a dungeon area within the Black Shroud, close to Camp Tranquil Paths in the South Shroud. To get there you must first head north and then north-east of the camp, taking a roundabout route instead of directly north. Close-by to the east of the dungeon you can also find the aetheryte node Silent Arbor.
It bears noting that the Japanese name of the place also has a play on the word 地獄 [jigoku] or 'hell'. Following more closely both meanings hidden in the name it could be translated as the 'Thousand Hells of Toto-Rak'. Indeed, Toto-Rak is widely known in Gridania as the 'seventh hell made manifest'1. It was closed down to the public and sealed away several decades ago by the Elder Seedseer (this might or might not be referring to Kan-E-Senna) after it was deemed an immoral place unworthy of gridanians due to its tendency to attract poaches and arsonists - some of the most serious crimes within the Woods. A constant guard was set at the entrance to the dungeon.

Most recently, garlean soldiers were seen in its vicinity, and The Raven in conjunction with the Order of the Twin Adder sent out a team to investigate. Sadly, this team was lost in unknown circumstances. After this, the recently re-established Grand Companies of the three city-states of Gridania, Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa (Twin Adder being one of them) sent out various teams to the place. Eventually when ill tidings kept coming out of the place, adventurer-recruits were sent to solve the truth behind these happenings.
What the adventurers found out was that the garleans had set up devices that prevent free movement within Toto-Rak as well as measured the astral flow in the place. The reason for their behavior stood unknown, although what was happening within the dungeon was greatly agitating the native beasts so as to drive them to a frenzy.

In game-terms Toto-Rak is an instanced raid that can be accessed after you've reached level 25 in a Disciple of War or Magic class and signed up for the quest Imperial Devices in one of the three Grand Companies. This requires a rank of recruit or higher. You can only enter the dungeon in groups of 2-4 people, and each visit can last a maximum of 60 minutes. After exiting one way or another, you cannot enter again until 5 minutes have passed.

Info (1.x)

Enter: 15 minutes from exiting, requires quest progression
Recommended Level: 25
Party: 2-4
Time Limit: 60 min
Location: South Shroud (?,?) (Silent Arbor) - Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak
Quest: Imperial Devices


It bears noting that you aren't guaranteed to get any of these items even if you get the right chest. The drop rates for these equips seems to be rather low.

Common Treasure Chests
Brigand's Acton
Brigand's Gloves
Torturer's Duckbills
Torturer's Monocle
Warden's Barbut
Warden's Gauntlets

Boss Treasures (Red Chest)
Ascetic's Halfrobe
Ascetic's Tights
Poacher's Hat
Poacher's Tunic

Boss Treasures (Others)
Charred Axe
Heart of House d'Arlendre
Joukil's Guile
Tenfinger Tallstaff
Unbreakable Knuckles
Waning Sun Pelta
Warden's Dagger


Cell Mite
Gaoler's Lantern
Mun-Tuy Sapling
Prison Pteroc
Prison Pudding (green, ice blue, purple, red, yellow)
Tainted Louse
Void Flame
Boss: Antares
Boss: Sargas
Boss: Shaula


Guide (1.x)

As mentioned before, the time limit for Toto-Rak is 60 minutes and only parties of 2-4 can enter. For a party of appropriately-leveled characters for the dungeon (25-30) it can be somewhat challenging, but it bears noting that Toto-Rak doesn't have a level cap. Two max-level characters can wipe out the whole place with relative ease if they wish to farm.
Should you use Return for any reason within the dungeon you will end up not at your home point but at the entrance of the dungeon, still within it.

Toto-Rak is divided into four different areas gameplay-wise. These areas are separated by magitek barriers which require various amounts of photocells to deactivate, enabling you to move to a different area. Some of the passageways are also one way only, making it crucial for lower-level parties to study the layout of the place and plan their route beforehands. Also if you deactivate the magitek devices in the wrong order you will be unable to access all of the dungeon. Deactivating a device in front of a boss room (red circles on the map) will make you unable to progress to another section.
It bears noting that each magitek device requires 4 photocells to deactivate, and each section has only 4 photocells to collect. On the map above, photocell locations have been marked with bright flares.

While there are several chests scattered about the dungeon, some of the treasure of the place can only be obtained by defeating the bosses. After a boss's defeat several chests will spawn based on the what you have done in the dungeon so far.

Section 1

Section 1 runs from the entrance through the southern paths to the Torn's Rest and up to the northern Fool's Rest. There are two magitek devices in the area. Which you deactivate first will determine the rest of your route through the dungeon. Unlocking the device in Torn's Rest (blue circle and gates) allows you to progress to section 2 and continue your way unhindered. Unlocking the device in Fool's Rest first will let you enter only section 3, and leave you able to continue only to the Execution Chamber. There are gates (marked with blue) on the map and a one-way ledge (marked with a black line) preventing your way onwards if you choose that route.
The area includes two treasure chests, one near the entrance that has a chance to include a Torturer's Monocle, and one in a dead end near the middle that has a chance to contain a Warden's Barbut.

Section 2

Section 2 comprises of the tunnels in the middle and south-east portions of the map, including the Confession Chamber. Once you have entered the section and gathered the photocells available, you can choose to either head to the boss at the Confession Chamber, Antares, or go deeper into the dungeon to section 3 by unlocking the device at Fool's Rest.
There is one additional chest in section 2, located in an isolated room off a tunnel running in the north-south direction. It has a chance to include a Brigand's Acton.

Section 3

Section 3 includes the Execution Chamber and the passageways close to it. Once in section 3 you can choose to either battle Sargas, the boss of the Execution Chamber, or head on to section 4 by unlocking the new device at Fool's Rest.
One additional treasure chest exists in section 3. It's located in a dead end at the northernmost tip of the north-eastern passageways, and has a chance to include Torturer's Duckbills.

Section 4

Section 4 has the northernmost passageways and the Interrogation Chamber. The additional photocells here can only be used to unlock one of the three boss battles. If you've come this far you have full run of Toto-Rak and can freely choose your final opponent.
Two additional treasure chests exist in section 4. One in a room east of the Fool's Rest, having a chance to include Warden's Gauntlets. The last one is in a room off the short north-south passageway in the middle of the section 4 area, and has a chance to include Brigand's Gloves.

Boss Conditions

As mentioned before, each boss spawns 1-5 treasure chests when defeated. The exact number of these chests depends on how many spawn conditions you have fulfilled.
Each condition always spawns a chest with a certain loot pool. The chests are color-coded based on their contents. Red is for defeating the boss, blue ones include weapons and gold ones have gil or other items.

1: Defeat the boss
2: Open all common treasure chests
3: Defeat the boss with 25 minutes or more left
4: Open all gates
5: Defeat a trigger mob. These include the 2 Bombs near Bergand the Broken's cell and the 3 mitelings on the lower branch of the very last area on the way to Shaula. Only one trigger mob needs to be killed.

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