Verdant Drop


Verdant Drop (青翠の奈落 [seisui no naraku] or 'the verdant abyss' in Japanese) is a location in Final Fantasy XIV in the east Shroud. It used to be one of its central locations in fact, what with the Sylphlands to the north-east, Larkscall to the east and south-east, Nine Ivies to the south and south-west and Lynxpelt Patch to the west. However, the Calamity and the transition from version 1.x to version 2.0 saw some changes into the area. The southern parts of Verdant Drop, together with the northern reaches of Nine Ivies, were retconned to be known as the Bramble Patch. At the same time, Lynxpelt Patch was rendered completely inaccessible.

With the sinking of the land in Verdant Drop brought on by the Calamity, it is now a fact that there is no ground area in the Drop at all, as few as the land paths in Verdant Drop were to begin with - instead it is replaced by a lake, a waterfall, and the Sanctum of the Twelve that rose up from within the lake. It is unclear whether the name Verdant Drop is meant to refer to the waterfall or the lake in version 2.0+, as it is only a fishing spot accessible from Larkscall. Downstream from the waterfall that flows to the south-east of the lake is the river Springripple Brook. On the 2.0+ map below, the name of the location is marked at the approximate location of the waterfall, although do note that it might refer to the lake as well.



Note that there were no gathering points in Verdant Drop in version 1.x. The fishing info for Sanctum of the Twelve is provided below on the chance that Verdant Drop refers to the lake as well as the waterfall.

Fishing: Sanctum of the Twelve
Level: 20, Type: Freshwater
Acorn Snail
The Assassin
Bone Crayfish
Dark Bass
Moat Carp
Pond Mussel
River Crab
Tri-colored Carp

Fishing: Verdant Drop
Level: 25, Type: Freshwater
Black Eel
Climbing Perch
Fall Jumper
Rainbow Trout
River Crab
Spotted Pleco
Yugr'am Salmon


Note that Verdant Drop is a water area only in version 2.0 and later, and as such has no monsters.

Regular Monsters (1.x)
Redwing Ked
Scarred Kalong
Sylph Susurrus
Wild Hog

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