Yafaem Saltmoor

Yafaem Saltmoor (ヤフェーム湿地 [yafaem shicchi] or 'yafaem wetlands' in Japanese) is a remnants of the region that used to spread around the city of Mhach in the Sixth Astral Era. In the Sixth Umbral Calamity the rising waters destroyed the ecosystem of the area and changed it into a saltwater moor.

Yafaem is located on the inner bend of the Aldenard continent, on the coast of the Strait of Merlthor. The White Maiden river provides the wetlands with much of its water, and separates it from the Mor Dhona region to the south-east. Further up the mountains to the north of Yafaem are the Coerthas lowlands.

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