Zahar'ak (ザ・ハラク戦陣 [za'harak senjin] or 'za'harak battlefield' in Japanese) is an Amalj'aa stronghold located in southern Thanalan, east of camp Broken Water and very near Zanr'ak. The entrance is at (48,40). It's located in a pass in a mountainous area, and the only way in or out (other than over said mountains) appears to be to the west and north. Aside from being full of the Amalj'aa who live in the area, the immediate surroundings of Zahar'ak are also regularly patrolled.
The name 'Zahar'ak' means 'like a rock' in Amalj'aan tongue.

Zahar'ak is a free dungeon in in-game terms, and meant for parties of 8 of characters level 50. However, there is no attempt to enforce this limit and every adventurer can enter freely. There is a related quest called When Alchemists Cry that leads you into exploring the place.

To advance through the gates in Zahar'ak, it is required to kill the gateguards, called Zahar'ak Halberdier. Once both gatekeepers for a certain gate have been killed, the gate will open and stay that way for a short while. An alternate method of opening a gate is for a player on the inside of it to approach it.


Zahar'ak's location was chosen by Amalj'aa mages, who divined that the position would be auspicious for waging war. It has been around for a while already, but has spent most of its existence as an easily ignored, undermanned outpost.

In the year 1571, however, the Amalj'aa decided that it must be fortified. This may or may not have been due to the proximity to a aetheric gate giving direct access to the Bowl of Embers where Ifrit is summoned. Whatever the case, soon Zahar'ak boasted much stronger defenses than before and became the strongest Amalj'aa base in Thanalan. The commander of the stronghold at the time was Flamefist Ahlygg Roh.

Info (1.x)


Enter: free entering
Recommended Level: 45
Party: 8
Time Limit: -
Location: Southern Thanalan (48,40) (Zanr'ak) - Zahar'ak
Quest: When Alchemists Cry


Most treasure from within Zahar'ak can be gained from the various treasure chests within the area. Each treasure chest requires a specific key to open, all of which can be found as drops from the mobs.
Note that every coffer mentioned can drop various other items as well, what is listed is only the unique/untradable equip from it.

Aside from the actual treasures, the mobs in the area drop Inferno Tapers, which are required to access to hard-mode Ifrit fight.

AF Treasure
BRD: Choral Ringbands
WHM: Healer's Gloves

Brass Chest
The Brass Zahar'ak Coffer Key drops from Feretrars, and the coffer is located in the circular area. The drop is Sentinel's Sabatons.

Copper Chest
The Copper Zahar'ak Coffer Key drops from Scriniaries, and the coffer is past the third gate on the north side. The drop is Sorcerer's Ringbands

Silver Chest
The Silver Zahar'ak Coffer Key drops from Ranig'ohs. There are two silver coffers, both past the dead-end gate in the north-eastern corner of the map. If you take the left from the entrance, the drop is Sipahi Turban. Right from the entrance is Sipahi Crakows.

Gold Chest
The Gold Zahar'ak Coffer Key drops from Flamefist Ahlygg Roh. There are three silver coffers, both in the dead end past Ahlygg Roh's spawn point, at the south-eastern corner of the map. If you take the left coffer the drop is Sentinel's Trousers, middle coffer is Sorcerer's Robe, and the right coffer is Mercenary's Acton.


Battle Drake
Zahar'ak Chandler
Zahar'ak Drubber
Zahar'ak Feretrar
Zahar'ak Halberdier
Zahar'ak Illuminator
Zahar'ak Ostiary
Zahar'ak Scriniary
Zahar'ak Sniper
Boss: Flamefist Ahlygg Roh & Burned Brother

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