Make an Other-Region Gaming Account

We get it. Oftentimes, Square Enix is just slow in bringing games over to your region. Sometimes, they don't even bring them over at all, and what are you supposed to do then to sate your desire for new FFs?
This page has some partial solutions. Read on below for how to make an account in another region than your own for the Playstation Network and for the iOS among other things, including how to get money onto said accounts.

Playstation Network

Before starting, you should note that the PSVita is tied to one account only. If you want to use two or more accounts on one PSVita, prepare for some shenanigans. You can read more about switching accounts on PSVita below. For other PS devices, the process is considerably simpler. Simply sign out of your old account and pick the option to create a new one. Either case, you will be needing an email address that hasn't previously been associated with a PSN account. You do need to have access to it as well, at least for the account confirmation email.

To start out, make sure you are signed out of your other account(s). Then pick the PlayStation Network option from your device, and find the Sign Up option. Click forward until it starts asking for personal details. First, you must pick the country you're in. This option needs to correspond with the country of the account you want to create - meaning if you're looking to create a Japanese PSN account, you pick Japan for this part. Note that this will instantly change the language of the sign-up process. At the time of writing, you can only sign up for a Japanese account with the Japanese language option, there is no English option. Even though the language-choosing option is still visible, the drop-down menu will only have 日本語 ('Japanese') as an option. If you forget, the last option on the page is 'date of birth', and it asks for the year, month and day in that order. The button to enter the next portion of the process says 次へ ('to the next').
Next page consists of only the license agreement. Click the button that says 同意する ('I agree').

The third page is where the details start to matter. The first option asked for (サインインID) is the sign-in email address. As mentioned before, it can't be one that is already linked to another PSN account. The following questions are password (パスワード) and password confirmation, the ticky box asks if you want the device to remember the password. Note when choosing your password that there are some restrictions on it, such as that it must be at least 8 characters long and include at least one number in addition to letters.
The dropdown question is your security question, and you need to type an answer to that. Simply pick any question from the list and remember what you typed if you want to ever use this feature. It isn't mandatory to remember it if you're sure you won't forget your password.

The next page asks for your PSN online ID (オンラインID). There are no restrictions on it other than that it can't already be in use. Once you've picked yours, the following page asks for your family name (姓), first name (名), and your gender. In Japanese, 男性 is male and 女性 is female.

Once you've cleared all that, we arrive at the tricky part. The next page asks for your address. While many things in the process can be given fake answers to, the postal code (郵便番号) must be a real postal code. You can use the services below to find one.

JP postal code search | US postal code search

After the postal code it asks for your region in a dropdown box (pick whichever you like), followed by your city, address line 1, address line 2 and building's name (Japan often uses named buildings instead of numbered ones). The answers you give to the questions where you need to type can be complete nonsense, it doesn't matter.

Once you've cleared the address page, you are basically done. The second to last page of the sign-up process consists of a ticky box asking if you want advertisement email from PSN. The final one simply displays the details you typed in and asks if they're correct. Click 確定 ('confirm'), and you're done. Note it might take a while to load after you click confirm, so patiently wait until it gives you a welcome notice.

Adding Funds

While a few games are free, most are not. Not to mention all that DLC! If you don't have a credit card for the region you want your games from, your only option is point cards. These can be bought in the brick and mortar stores of the region you want the money to. Note that point cards from one region won't work in another region's account, it must be the same one. Please make sure you're purchasing the right region's point cards.
For those of us who don't live in the region whose games we want access to, there are always online stores. Many online stores (especially game stores) sell these gift cards. Below are some links to digital cards (you'll get the code in your email once you've paid). If you buy through these links, you support Chrysalis at the same time.

PlayAsia - 1,000 Yen Card
PlayAsia - 3,000 Yen Card
PlayAsia - 5,000 Yen Card
PlayAsia - 20 USD Card
PlayAsia - 50 USD Card

Note on PSVita

On most PSN-related devices, switching between accounts is as easy as logging out of the first one and logging into the second one. However, with PSVita the process is a little bit more complicated than that. Each account on the Vita is tied to a memory card. You will be needing one memory card for each account you want to use. If you don't have two memory cards, the only way to switch accounts is to format the memory card you do have each time you want to switch between accounts. This makes you lose all the data on the card, including downloaded games and save files.1

First, remove the first account's memory card from the Vita. It should have no memory card in it for this first step. This ensures that you don't accidentally format it and lose all the data it holds. Once you've removed the card, go to Settings, and choose Format>Restore the PSVita System. The device will ask if you want to deactivate the system, you need to choose the Yes option for this one. This is the part that un-links the Vita from the account, and you can't switch to another account if you don't do this.

Once the system is done deactivating and restoring itself, it will reboot. At this point, it'll behave like a brand new system so you'll have to add all basic settings like date and time. It will also ask if you want to link a PSN account to the Vita, choose yes and add in your second account's details. Once the device signs you in and boots to the main menu screen with all the bubbles, you can finally take the second account's memory card and put it in the Vita. The system will reboot one more time.

However, this is not yet the end of the switching process. To finalize it, you will need to activate the system for the second account (link the account with the Vita). Go to Settings>PlayStation Network. From there, pick the System Activation option (機器確証 in Japanese) > Games (ゲーム in Japanese) > Activate (確証する in Japanese). This will let you use all your second account's applications.

Note that to switch back to your first account, you will have to go through all of this process again.

Apple iOS

The first thing of note is that unless you have a credit card with a billing address in your desired region, you're going to have to do exactly as stated below to create your other-region account. If you do have said credit card, simply sign out of your old account and find any option at all to create a new Apple ID.
Either case, you will be needing an email address that hasn't previously been associated with an Apple ID. You do need to have access to it as well, at least for the account confirmation email.


For those of us with no credit card in the desired region, the first step is the same as for those who do. Sign out of your normal Apple ID. In effect this might mean unlinking your account from the App Store and iTunes through the settings. Once you have done that, access the App Store. Find any free app - what app that is doesn't matter a single bit, it will not get downloaded (you have to reconfirm it once you've finished creating your account). Click on the free app as if to download it, and you will be asked to sign in. One of the options is to create a new Apple ID, pick that.

In the first step, simply pick your desired region. This is likely either United States (at the very top of the list) or 日本 ('Japan') almost at the very bottom. Note that while the name of the country is in kanji, the rest of the application process should be in the language you've previously set for your iOS device.

After the region, agree to the terms and conditions and go on the next step. Here you should find a list of credit cards. Pick the right one if you have a credit card you can use for this other-region account, otherwise the very bottom option should be 'None'. It should even be conveniently be already ticked for you. If it's nowhere to be seen you've done something wrong. Go back, unlink your account, and do not start the account creation from anywhere else but a free app.
Make sure that 'None' is ticked, and fill in the name and address details below. You can make up the name, street address and security questions, just be sure to remember them later. As for the city and postal code, Apple checks that they are right. You can pick a big well known city such as Tokyo, Osaka, New York or Los Angeles. Whatever you pick, to find the appropriate postal code for your city enter the city name in the service below (or other similar service. Google will do if you don't want to use anything else). If you use the below service, you will be given a long list of codes. Pick whichever, all should be valid.

JP postal code search | US postal code search

Make sure your details are right and head on forwards in the account creation. There should be no problems from this point on. Wait for the account confirmation email to pop up in your inbox, and click the link within. Your account should now be ready to use.

Note that you only have to be on the account you download other-region apps/content from at the time of downloading the app and at any time you wish to perform in-app purchases. Otherwise, you can sign out of the other-region account and go back to your regular one. The other-region apps will still work.

Adding Funds


While a lot of the apps are free, quite a few are not, and then there is all that additional content to consider… If you don't have a credit card for the region you want your games from, your only option is gift cards. These can be bought in the brick and mortar stores of the region you want the money to. Note that gift cards from one region won't work in another region's account, it must be the same region for both account and gift card. Please make sure you're purchasing the right region's gift cards.
For those of us who don't live in the region whose games we want access to, there are always online stores. Many online stores (especially game stores) sell these gift cards. Below are some links to digital cards (you'll get the code in your email once you've paid). If you buy through these links, you support Chrysalis at the same time.

PlayAsia - 1,500 Yen Card
PlayAsia - 3,000 Yen Card
PlayAsia - 5,000 Yen Card
PlayAsia - 15 USD Card
PlayAsia - 25 USD Card
PlayAsia - 50 USD Card

To redeem a card, first make sure your current region is the same as the card's region. You can confirm this by going to the settings and signing in to the right account. Next, go to either iTunes or App Store main page (the first tab), and scroll all the way to the bottom. There will be a link titled 'Redeem'. Click it, enter the code on your card. You might have to confirm your password. After this, the funds on the card have been added to your account and you can use them in either one of the stores or for in-app purchases as you wish.

Should you mistakenly try to add funds from one region's card in another region's store, your code redeeming will be canceled and you will be switched over to the correct region's store. If you get a notification you're being switched to another store, simply go through the redeeming process again and it should work this time.


Mobage is a Japanese social gaming site where many Final Fantasy games reside. Please note that this guide only applies to the Japanese Mobage site, as the English one does not feature Final Fantasies. You will be needing an email address you have access to that is not already registered with Mobage to create a new account. This email address must be either,, or any of the carrier-provided Japanese cellphone email addresses. There are several other less popular options, you can confirm the full list from the email registration page (the こちら link in the first screenshot below).

Firstly, access the Mobage site. Note that this must be done from your smartphone. If you access any of the Mobage links from a computer or other non-portable device, you will end up at the computer site which is completely different. If you do so during registration, you will be unable to continue the correct registration. Please complete the entire process from your smartphone or other portable device.
From the Mobage site, find the link saying 無料会員登録, which means 'free member registration'. There might be other text in the link besides this one, but don't worry, as long as the link says 無料会員登録, it is the right one. You will end up at a screen that looks like the first of the screenshots below.

screenie_registration1mobage.jpg screenie_registration2mobage.jpg screenie_findgamemobage.jpg
Registration screen Member details Find your FFs

This guide concerns registration by email, although you also have the option of registering through Facebook. Type in your email address in the space provided and click the blue 空メール送信 button. On the next screen, re-confirm your selection. A registration email was sent to the address you provided, so go click on the link in it.

You will end up in member information page (the middle screenshot above). Provide your gender (男性 man, 女性 woman), your date of birth, whether your birthday can be displayed in your profile (する for yes, しない for no), your blood type, region you live in (you can pick any option provided, it won't matter), and finally your desired nickname and password. Confirm your details, and you're done!

Using the Site

As far as using the site goes, you're provided with some Mobage gold (note that this is different from Mobacoins) so you can customize your avatar if you wish. You can access avatar customization options from マイページ from the bottom menu. To find games to play, pick ゲーム from the top menu, and enter your search terms into the search box (search result page is shown above, the last of the three screenshots). Once you have played a game, you can access it from マイゲーム from the bottom menu, it lists all your games. You can also manually add a game to your games by clicking マイゲームへ登録 once on a page detailing the game you want to keep track of.

Note that some game might require a Japanese mobile phone number to start actually playing. There is no way around this requirement, you will need to register a number and confirm the code sent to you to access these types of games. To see details on what each Final Fantasy game requires, see the article Choosing a Social FF game.

Adding Funds

Being a social gaming site, just about anything and everything you do has a better option if you pay for it. The currency used on the site is Mobacoins, which you can buy with real money. Mobacoins are used, among other things, for buying in-game items.
For someone who lives in Japan, buying Mobacoins is a trivial matter, there are numerous different options to make payment convenient. However, if you lack a Japanese mobile phone and credit card as well as access to Japanese convenience stores, there is only one viable option for you, and that is Web Money.


Note that the Japanese Web Money is different from the western company bearing the same name. What you want is the Japanese one, whose logo is a combined W and M in rainbow colors. You cannot actually buy webmoney from the site or register with them (in fact, you can't register with them if you don't have Japanese mobile phone/credit card!), you will instead need to buy webmoney point cards. Each 1 point on a point card is worth 1 yen.
Several online stores carry these cards. If you use the links below, you support Chrysalis at the same time.

Web Money
PlayAsia - 2,000 point card
PlayAsia - 5,000 point card

To redeem your webmoney cards and exchange them for Mobacoins, find the option titled モバコインを買う (featured in the screenshot to the left). From the following page, pick WebMoney as your payment option, and from among the red buttons pick any amount you wish - this most likely is the same amount as the point card you bought. You will receive 1 Mobacoin for every 1 yen (for example, if you buy with a 2,000-point card you can get 2,000 Mobacoin).
Once you have confirmed your payment method and the clicked the amount you want to exchange, you will be redirect to the Web Money Corporation site. Click the link that says プリペイド番号でお支払い ('pay with a prepaid number'), and enter your point card code to receive your Mobacoins. The transaction may take several minutes to register on the Mobage site.

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