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Note that since the writing of this article KotC has stopped service and the related information has been removed from Chrysalis.

For someone not familiar with the game Knights of the Crystals, my including of the game on a site dedicated to Final Fantasies might seem an incomprehensible one. Here I attempt to explain my reasoning for adding the game, and the additional reasons that have accumulated over time that prove the game deserves a listing here.

The Story

When coming into the game, it will feel immediately familiar to any Final Fantasy veteran. The game declares you a member of the 'whole families of the crystal glass', which apparently means that your family have been guardians of ancient crystals for a long time, and that you descend from an ancient race of people with high technology. These people were destroyed, and the world lost their knowledge in a cataclysmic battle. Once done with absorbing these facts very common in Final Fantasies, the game throws a mage-girl along your way, one that joins your party to defeat very familiar-looking goblins and lamiae, only to end up pitting you in a battle against a behemoth.

Further along in the story there are other familiar elements of Final Fantasy stories that frequently pop up, among them summoners, a disaster at an opera house, a corrupted scientist and a corrupted church, an evil society bent on destroying the world, a princess in need of help, and a chase for crystals that takes you right across the continent you're living on and beyond. Not content to end there, the second phase of the story continues with floating continents and airships, while the third has the very familiar concept of a rock from heavens crashing on earth and bringing calamity, a moon full of monsters and shining red, the ever-present Moonfolk, a strange curse affecting the world, and finally a rebellion group on their way to overthrow the government with their symbol of a wild rose, and the Zodiac signs representing evil. All of these plot devices have been previously used in Final Fantasies, some of them numerous times.

The Names

Dragoon in KotC

Not content with filling up the story with familiar Final Fantasy tropes, the game also offers many other familiar names, be they jobs, items, monsters or other various things. When searching for similarities here it bears noting that in addition to being full of grammar errors and clumsy language, the translation of Knights of the Crystals has taken huge liberties with changing the names from the original Japanese version. Thus, it is not a Healer that you use but a White Mage, not an Artillery but a Fusiler, not an Arcanist but an Arcane Mage. The job roster is full of examples of this where the familiar FF Job has been renamed something else. But never fear, the appearance is still the same. Take any job from KotC and compare it to its FF counterpart. The clothing is almost identical in most cases. The job listing here at Chrys lists the job's FF counterpart in its info.

While items and monsters are more clear-cut in many a case, full of Bahamuts and Shivas and Ifrits - the latter two being spelled out Siva and Efleet/Efreet in KotC, there is one reference that is easy to miss. In the Colossus world one can encounter a super-boss helpfully titled Ancient War Machine. Not until after its defeat do you find that it is decorated with the sign of omega, making this war machine an…Omega Weapon. The weapon's story fits as well, an ancient construct built to defend and now uncontrollable, wandering about and dangerous.

In Conclusion

One or two similarities can well be a coincidence. Three or five can be as well. But when it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it most likely is a duck, making this game a Final Fantasy without the Final Fantasy title.
As my final words, I direct you to the logo of Knights of the Crystals. Compare it to the logo of any FF title, and see if you find similarities.

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