Salamander can either be a mythical or a historical creature (or mostly, a mixture of the two). The mythical salamander is a lizard-like creature with an affinity for fire, including putting out any fire with the slime of their bodies. The basis for its description lies with the real-world salamander, with any supernatural traits being what the scholars of that time thought it was like. The fire connection came from real salamanders hibernating within old wood, when they would leap out of the wood when it was brought in as firewood and lit on fire. The aspect of putting out fires originates from the milky slime substance they exude when frightened.
The salamander is a type of a lizard with a short nose and a long tail and often a speckled body. Many types of salamanders live in or nearby to wetlands, and are capable of regenerating lost limbs.

サラマンダー [salamander] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy II

Rank: 6
HP: 1,290, MP: 300, ATK: 100, DEF: 85/M5-70, EVA: 1-70, SPD: ?
GIL: 2,250-3,000 / EXP: N/A
Drops: N/A
Place: Jade Passage

Final Fantasy III


Level: 19, Number: 202, Type: -, Family: Salamander
HP: 5,700, ATK: 41, DEF: 25, MDEF: 13, STR: 20, VIT: 16, INT: 18, MND: 42, AGI: 22, WGT: 6
GIL: 3,700 / EXP: 2,744
Immunity: -
Weakness: Ice 50%, Water 50%
Resistance: Fire 50%
Abilities: Attack (uses with 100% chance when HP>50%, with 80% chance when 50%>HP>20%, with 70% chance when HP<20%), Fire Breath (uses with 20% chance when 50%>HP>20%, with 30% chance when HP<20%), attacks twice per round
Drops: Hi-Potion ~7.9%, Phoenix Down ~0.1%
Steal: Hi-Potion (99.8% @ THF99)
Place: Molten Cave

Drop Rate: 8%
Drop Table: 1 Hi-Potion, 2 Hi-Potion, 3 Hi-Potion, 4 Hi-Potion, 5 Hi-Potion, 6 Hi-Potion, 7 Hi-Potion, 8 Phoenix Down


Category: Bestiary

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