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In the below table you can find the main categories in use in Chrysalis.
Note that these are not the only categories in use. Others include things such as admin, forum, legal, nav and css that you do not need to access as a regular user or don't contain pages as the listed categories do. Unlisted are also all blog categories.

Category Description
Category: Ability For grouping all kinds of abilities, be they magical, physical or other types. Even abilities only monsters use go here.
Category: Activity Presents all kinds of activities within Final Fantasies. Many of these are minigame-type and other optional content.
Category: Area Includes all pages that concern locations and worlds in Final Fantasies.
Category: Article Includes mostly fan-written content, but also some other assorted pages.
Category: Bestiary Has all pages relating directly to the monsters in Final Fantasies.
Category: Encyclopedia Includes encyclopedic content pages as well as info pages on races and timelines.
Category: Equipment Has pages for all the types of items a person can wear in the games, including weapons, armor, accessories and other types.
Category: Excelsior All pages concerning Chrysalis's own FF RPs.
Category: Free Company Deals with pages relating to the Free Company Excelsior, related to the RP Excelsior in Final Fantasy XIV.
Category: Guides Guides for all sorts of things, including content guides, episode guides, walkthroughs, etc. Not to be used for things that fit into any other category, such as Activity for minigames and Area for dungeons.
Category: Item Includes pages for all non-wearable items, whatever they may be.
Category: Jobs Includes all pages directly related to the various jobs in Final Fantasies.
Category: Mechanic An encyclopedia for game mechanics. Things such as status effects and leveling systems are explained in these pages.
Category: Merchandise All types of FF merchandise, including but not limited to guidebooks, soundtracks and toys.
Category: News Official lore news from Square Enix. Each news post has its own page here.
Category: People Includes all pages related to the various people present in Final Fantasies. Note that these pages include the lore only. The people who are playable have a counterpart page in Stats category, and the people who are fought against have a counterpart page in Bestiary.
Category: Pet This category includes pages concerning the various companions, pets and/or mounts in Final Fantasies. Do note, however, that human companions are not included and can be found in the People category.
Category: Quests Presents each quest and mission in Final Fantasies on its own page.
Category: Site All kinds of random pages relating to the upkeep of the site. Also has main pages for all the FFs.
Category: Stats Despite the name, this category only includes stats as they relate to specific characters - level-up and otherwise gained stats, ability lists, and equippable items. Not, for example, generic information on what stats are. Most Stats category pages have a counterpart in People category.
Category: Summon Pages for all the Summons (aka Eidolons, Espers, etc) go here.
Category: Tag Lists all tag pages that explain where the tags should be used. Kind of like what the categories pages do, but for tags.

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