Altana (アルタナ [altana] in Japanese) is the Goddess of Dawn in Final Fantasy XI, and the creator of the races of Light. It is said that she was born from the great Crystal at the beginning of time, along with Promathia, the God of Twilight, who she is opposed to but loves dearly. Her relation to the avatars is unknown.


What happened after her creation is debatable, but this is how the legends say it happened.


For a long time Altana and the other god(s) lived on Vana'diel in peace with the Zilart, the people of old. But then came a time when the gods entered Paradise and slept. Altana appears to have stayed awake, or at least conscious of what was happening elsewhere. After thousands of years the Zilart prince decided they should follow the gods, and ended up almost destroying the world. Seeing the destruction and war in Vana'diel, the goddess Altana wept. From her five tears were born the five races of Altana - the Hume, Elvaan, Tarutaru, Mithra and Galka. But seeing what Altana had done, Promathia created the beastmen, and the two sides of people and beastmen battled.

Civilizations thrived and people and beastmen filled all of Vana'diel. Thousands of years passed. Then, in the year 864 of the Crystal Era, started the Crystal War between the people and the beastmen. The war ravaged the lands and was not won without great sacrifices, and waged on for dozens of years. Altana saw the destruction and death, and dreamed into existence a Vana'diel where the war was won, two years after it started. This dream-world is the stage where Final Fantasy XI takes place.

Within the dream Vana'diel, during the course of the Chains of Promathia story, the god Promathia was freed from his shackles and then defeated. Altana wept again as he died. It is unknown how exactly the events of this period took place in the real Vana'diel, but a battle between the races of Light and Promathia took place as well.
Also in an unknown time period around 20 years after the Crystal War, some residents of the dream Vana'diel jumped to the past of the real world through Atomos, who was there to devour the additional versions of Vana'diel. From Altana's tears were born the Cait Sith, who went out to the world to ensure that the dream world would survive.

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