Crystal Amplifier

Crystal amplifiers are devices from Final Fantasy V used to amplify and harness a Crystal's powers. Visually it appears as a mat of green vines or tubes set beneath the crystal. The vines do not have any physical contact with the Crystal itself, it is unknown how they affect it. The amplifier most likely consists of other parts than just the vines, but anything beyond the vines is unknown.

While it is unknown how long crystal amplifiers of some kind have been in use, the evidence in the game suggests that they have been harnessed for a very long time indeed, as due to the presence of a crystal amplifier in the Ronka Ruins crystal room. The ruins were once a city of the ancient Ronka civilization.

The four Crystals each have their own elemental affinities, and as such the energy gathered from the amplifiers is used in slightly different ways.

Crystal Country Uses
Wind Crystal Tycoon Wind-powered ships
Water Crystal Walz ?
Fire Crystal Karnak Fire-powered ship
Earth Crystal Ronka Power the Ronka ruins

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