An elite military organization originally formed by Shin-Ra Company under President Shinra, in the Final Fantasy VII Compilation. It was originally created as a ShinRa experimental research facility, and is located in the caves under Midgar.
In the confusion of the Jenova War, they were forgotten, only to surface two years later under the command of Weiss and the Tsviets.

Deepground soldiers are regularly submerged in mako to preserve their bodies in the face of their grueling practice regimes. This way, their dependency on mako has grown, and they cannot survive without a constant low dose of it in addition to the regular submerging. They wear special suites in which a small amount of mako circulates.
Before Weiss's reign, all the soldiers were implanted with brain chips that assured their loyalty to the Restrictors, the section of Deepground that held power before the take-over. The Restrictors were eliminated during it.

The elite force of the Deepground are known as the Tsviets.

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