The Order of the Twin Adder


The Order of the Twin Adder is the Grand Company of Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV. It is headed by Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna, and under her by Grand Serpent Marshal Swethryk Brookstone. The Adders' Nest with instructions from the Grand Marshal presides over the command of the various sections of the Twin Adder army. There are a lot of ties between the Adders and the Stillglade Fane, and the Quivers' Hold and Wailing Barracks supervise the comparatively less experienced Adder units.

The units within the Adders are the Blue Badgers (engineers), Red Otters (elite combat unit), White Wolves (inexperienced youths), the Black Boars (logistics support) and the Yellow Serpents. The last of these consists of adventurers and is led by High Serpent Commander Quinquerol Flutaint.

Persons of Note


The Highest Command
Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna
Grand Serpent Marshal Swethryk Brookstone of the Adders' Nest
High Serpent Commander Quinquerol Flutaint of the Yellow Serpents

Adders' Nest Staff
Serpent Lieutenant First Class Syro Fulke - mission orders, promotions
Serpent Lieutenant Second Class Sondraix - instructions
Serpent Lieutenant Helbmoensyn - supply, provisioning and expeditionary missions
Serpent Sergeant Sorainne Haurtelle - company seal distribution and exchange
Serpent Private Burgund Larke - probationary officer, record maintaining
Serpent Private Ganathain - Sanction

High Serpent Commander's Unit
Serpent Commander Yarborough
Serpent Captain Tall Oak

Company Leves
Serpent Sergeant Lodall
Serpent Sergeant Cordwyk

Chocobo Escort
Serpent Sergeant Brenaile
Serpent Sergeant Marquaile

Serpent Sergeant Liflin Gulin

Foundation Day
Rhuya Nelhah



Commission Rank Insignia Seal Cap Shop
Recruit Recruit - 10,000 Bronze Arrow
Iron Arrow
Steel Arrow
Elm Cane
Yew Crook
Budding Yew Wand
Wand of Tides
Jade Crook
Toadskin Cesti
Crabshell Hora
Enlistee Serpent Private Third Class serpent_private3rd.png 10,000 Serpent Chocobo Issuance
Gridanian Soldier's Cap
Gridanian Soldier's Overcoat
Gridanian Soldier's Gloves
Gridanian Soldier's Boots
Gridanian Trousers
Gridanian Breeches
Gridanian Bottom
Gridanian Slops
Gridanian Sash
Serpent Private Second Class serpent_private2nd.png 15,000 Gridanian Macuahuitl
Gridanian Knuckles
Gridanian Bill
Gridanian Fork
Gridanian Longbow
Gridanian Cane
Gridanian Scepter
Gridanian Square Shield
Serpent Private First Class serpent_private1st.png 20,000 Gridanian Aetherpass
Serpent Private's Coif
Serpent Private's Tunic
Serpent Private's Bracers
Serpent Private's Kecks
Serpent Private's Moccasins
Company-issue Engineering Manual II
Company-issue Survival Manual II
Serpent Corporal serpent_corporal.png 25,000 Gridanian Spatha
Gridanian Hora
Gridanian Labrys
Gridanian Harpoon
Gridanian Shortbow
Gridanian Radical
Gridanian Staff
Gridanian Buckler
Petty Officer Serpent Sergeant Third Class serpent_sergeant3rd.png 30,000 Gridanian Half Barding
Gridanian Barding
Gridanian Crested Barding
Serpent Sergeant's Coif
Serpent Sergeant's Tunic
Serpent Sergeant's Bracers
Serpent Sergeant's Kecks
Serpent Sergeant's Moccasins
Serpent Sergeant's Belt
Serpentbringer's Ring
Serpentcarrier's Ring
Patriot's Bracelet
Serpent Sergeant's Sarouel
Serpent Sergeant's Crakows
Serpent Sergeant Second Class serpent_sergeant2nd.png 35,000 Serpent Sergeant's Targe
Serpent Sergeant's Circlet
Serpent Sergeant's Tabard
Serpent Sergeant's Hose
Serpent Sergeant's Mitts
Serpent Sergeant's Earrings
Serpent Sergeant's Ring
Serpent Sergeant First Class serpent_sergeant1st.png 40,000 Serpent Sergeant's Mask
Serpent Sergeant's Beret
Serpent Sergeant's Apron
Serpent Sergeant's Shortgloves
Serpent Sergeant's Jackboots
Serpent Sergeant's Choker
Serpent Sergeant's Bracelets
Chief Serpent Sergeant serpent_chiefsergeant.png 45,000 Serpent Sergeant's Hoplon
Serpent Sergeant's Patas
Serpent Sergeant's Axe
Serpent Sergeant's Spear
Serpent Sergeant's Bow
Serpent Sergeant's Radical
Serpent Sergeant's Cudgel
Officer Serpent Lieutenant Second Class serpent_lieutenant2nd.png 50,000 Sanction
Serpent Lieutenant's Claws
Serpent Lieutenant's Longsword
Serpent Lieutenant's Bardiche
Serpent Lieutenant's Bow
Serpent Lieutenant's Spear
Serpent Lieutenant's Scepter
Serpent Lieutenant's Wand
Gridanian Officer's Cap
Gridanian Officer's Overcoat
Gridanian Officer's Gloves
Gridanian Officer's Boots


Moving up the ranks always requires talking to Syro Fulke at Adder's Nest. Additionally, it may require completing a quest, paying a certain amount of Serpent Seals, or both.

Rank Seals Quest
Recruit - Breaking the Seals
Private Third Class 0 Serenity, Purity, Sanctity
Private Second Class 1,000
Private First Class 1,500
Corporal 2,000
Sergeant Third Class 2,500 You Don't Have the Rite
Sergeant Second Class 3,000
Sergeant First Class 3,500
Chief Sergeant 4,000
Lieutenant Second Class 25,000 Cure for the Common Pox


This section lists the quests available for Twin Adders, in the story/update order.

Quest Types
Main - Directly concerns the main story. Also visible through the numbering with the quest's name.
Rank Up - A quest that lets you rank up.
Side - Any additional quests
Dungeon, Raid, Primal - The quest is mainly battle content of this type.

Quest Name Quest Type
OTA1 Breaking the Seals Rank Up, Main
OTA2 Why Did it Have to Be Snakes Main
OTA3 Adder's Nest Egg Main
OTA4 The Mail Must Get Through Main
Imperial Devices
Into the Dark
Side, Dungeon
OTA5 Their Finest Hour Main
OTA6 Appetite for Destruction Main
OTA7 Serenity, Purity, Sanctity Rank Up, Main
OTA8 It Kills With Fire Main, Primal
Eternal Recurrence
The Pen is Mightier than the Spear
OTA9 Two Vans Are Better Than One Main
You Don't Have the Rite Rank Up
OTA10 Shadow of the Raven Main
OTA11 In for Garuda Wakening Main, Primal
Woes of the Botanist
A Taste for Death
OTA12 Don't Hate the Messenger Main
OTA13 United We Stand Main
Cure for the Common Pox Rank Up
OTA14 To Kill a Raven Main, Primal

Adder Stores

When a member of the Order of the Twin Adder, you will be offered a chance to turn in items for Supply and Provisioning missions as well as Expeditionary Missions (see its own page for info). The person in charge of these is Helbmoensyn, and he can be found in the Hall of Flames behind the counter.

Items for supply and provisioning change every week at Sunday midnight Japan time. Each item has a set limit as to how many can be turned in server-wide, but once this limit has been reached it will reset itself 28 hours later. Any server maintenance will also reset the count, as well as the bonus item that will become available after a set amount of regular items has been turned in.
There is an 8-week rotation for the items, meaning that if you come back 8 weeks after you last turned in an item, you will find the Adders wanting for the same items.

In the tables below, you will find the name of the items required, how many company seals you will receive upon turning in an NQ or HQ item, and how many can be turned in before the limit is reached.


Item 1 Max Amount Item 2 Max Amount Item 3 Max Amount Bonus Max Amount
Week 1 Oak Lumber (5/8) 3,000 Lung Drops (5/8) 2,500 Linen Robe (92/138) 200 Toadskin Jacket (?/?) 400
Week 2 Steel Claws (62/93) 300 Electrum Rings (6/9) 2,500 Raptor Leather (6/9) 2,500 ? (?/?) ?
Week 3 Steel Sallet (69/104) 300 Peiste Leather (5/8) 3,000 Forest Miq'abob (2/3) 7,500 Ash Composite Bow (?/?) ?
Week 4 Walnut Macuahuitl (54/81) 300 Mythril Knife (54/81) 300 Dzemael Gratin (3/5) 5,000 Boarskin Moccasins (50/75) 600
Week 5 Mythril Plate (15/23) 1,000 Toad Leather (5/8) 3,000 Felt (6/9) 2,500 Plumed Yew Crook (68/102) 500
Week 6 Crabshell Hora (?/?) 300 Peiste Cesti (68/102) 300 Knight's Bread (3/5) 5,000 Eagle-crested Round Shield (?/?) 400
Week 7 Maple Lumber (2/3) 7,500 Mythril Ingot (8/12) 1,900 Ether (2/3) 3,000 Raptorskin Subligar (?/?) 700
Week 8 Oak Pattens (41/62) 400 Linen Cloth (5/8) 3,000 Smothering Potion (5/8) 2,500 ? (?/?) ?


Item 1 Max Amount Item 2 Max Amount Item 3 Max Amount Bonus Max Amount
Week 1 Electrum Ore (3/5) 5,000 Walnut Log (5/8) 3,000 Ash Tuna (3/5) 5,000 Black Sole (3/5) 6,000
Week 2 Cobalt Ore (3/5) 5,000 Mistletoe (5/8) 3,000 Rothlyt Oyster (2/3) 7,500 Rosewood Log (6/9) 5,000
Week 3 Raw Lapis Lazuli (5/8) 3,000 Mahogany Log (4/6) 2,500 Crimson Crayfish (2/3) 7,500 Jade (9/14) 3,400
Week 4 Raw Garnet (9/14) 1,700 Yew Branch (3/5) 5,000 Black Ghost (3/5) 5,000 Oak Log (5/8) 6,000
Week 5 Raw Sunstone (5/8) 3,000 Oak Branch (3/5) 5,000 Northern Pike (5/8) 3,000 Velodyna Carp (3/5) 6,000
Week 6 Raw Peridot (9/14) 1,700 Yew Log (3/5) 5,000 Box Turtle (2/3) 7,500 Mandrake (6/9) 6,000
Week 7 Mythril Ore (3/5) 5,000 Maple Sap (3/5) 5,000 Monke Onke (3/5) 5,000 Wyvern Obsidian (2/3) 15,000
Week 8 Raw Sphene (5/8) 3,000 Elm Log (3/5) 5,000 Saber Sardine (5/8) 3,000 Rosewood Branch (5/8) 6,000

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