ハンマー [hammer] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy I

Stats: ATK +9
Buy: 8 gil (Sell: ? gil)
Shop: Cornelia, Pravoka
Description: A hammer made for battle

Final Fantasy III


Stats: ATK 55, ACC 70, VIT +1, weight 3, Lightning damage
Treasure: Amur Sewers
Type: Hammer
Other: was added for the DS version, did not exist in the NES version

Final Fantasy IX


Stats: ATK 12
Buy: - (sell: 250 gil)
Obtain: turn in 13 different Stellazzio to Queen Stella
Use: Tin Armor, Pumice Piece
Description: Cinna's hammer
Type: Hammer
Other: is とんかち [tonkachi] ('hammer') in Japanese, so is a different item from the others presented on this page

Record Keeper


Hammer (IV)
Stats: ATK +4, ACC 83 (lv1), ? (lv3), ? (lv5), ATK +21, ACC 83 (lv10)
Max Level: 3 (initial), 5 (first evolve), 10 (second evolve)
Type: Hammer, Rarity:
Other: note that there isn't actually a weapon in FF4 called Hammer, the closest equivalent is the Wooden Hammer

Category: Equipment

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