Protect Ring

守りの指輪 / まもりのゆびわ [mamori no yubiwa] or 'ring of protection' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy I

Stats: DEF +8, EVA -1
Equip: all
Buy: 16,000 gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Gaia
Description: Ring that guards against instant death

Final Fantasy II

Stats: DEF +18, EVA -3%, MDEF +21%
Equip: all
Obtain: ?
Description: A ring affording protection against instant death
Other: as 'Protection Ring'

Final Fantasy III

Stats: DEF 18
Equip: ?
Buy: ?

Final Fantasy IV

Stats: DEF 10, MDEF 12, EVA 15, MEVA 10, STA +15
Equip: Cecil, Edge, Kain, Rosa, Rydia
Buy: - (sell: 30,000 gil)
Drop: Ahriman
Treasure: Lunar Subterrane B5 x2
Other: resists Fire, Ice, Thunder

Final Fantasy V

Stats: DEF 10, MDEF 10, STA +5, weight +1
Equip: all
Buy: - (Sell: 15,000 gil)
Treasure: Pyramid, Island Shrine, Istory Falls
Other: has the effect of Auto-Regen

Final Fantasy VI

Stats: -
Equip: all
Obtain: ?
Description: Ring enchanted with Protect. Casts Protect on the wearer

Final Fantasy VII


Stats: Auto-Wall
Buy: - (Sell: ? gil)
Steal: Schizo Right
Obtain: Morph a Mover

Final Fantasy IX

Stats: SPR +1, DEF +2, MDEF +3, EVA +4, MEVA +6, halve all elements
Equip: all
Abilities: Half MP, Long Reach, Mag Elem Null
Buy: - (sell: 20,000 gil)
Synthesize: Dark Matter, Rebirth Ring, 40,000 gil (Memoria Hades' synthesis shop)
Obtain: exchange for 8,500 Chocobo Hot&Cold points at a Chocobo Forest, dig up with Dead Pepper in north-west of Seatence Ice Field, give 13 or more correct quiz answers to Ragtime Mouse, give Artemicion the Superslick
Description: Protects you from various attacks
Type: Accessory

Final Fantasy XII

Stats: DEF 6, MDEF 5, Regen stats
Buy: 18,000 gil (sell: 9,000 gil)
Other: as 'Ring of Renewal'

Final Fantasy Tactics

Stats: immunity to Sleep and Doom
Equip: all but Mime
Equip (enemy): level 25
Buy: 5,000 (sell: 2,500 gil)
Shop: (available after Lionel Castle in ch2) everywhere
Description: A ring forged from metal imbued with magick.

Crystal Chronicles

Stats: DEF 4
Obtain: Selepation Cave, with the dungeon-end items
Other: an Artifact

Record Keeper


Protect Ring (II)
Stats: resist Death (effect: moderate), Max Level: 1
Type: Accessory, Rarity: ★★★★


Protect Ring (III)
Stats: DEF +10, MDEF +10, Max Level: 1
Type: Accessory, Rarity: ★★★


Protect Ring (V)
Stats: HP +500, Max Level: 1
Type: Accessory, Rarity: ★★★★


Protect Ring (VII)
Stats: DEF +12, Max Level: 1
Type: Accessory, Rarity: ★★★
Obtain: Ambition of Shinra and the Legend Reborn event


Ring of Renewal (XII)
Stats: MND +20, Max Level: 1
Type: Accessory, Rarity: ★★★★
Other: is a different translation of 'Protect Ring', the original Japanese name is the same

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