A list of every weapon in the games. Accessories and key items as well as other kinds of equips and items have their own pages. By default, only whip-type weapons are displayed. Pick a link from below to view other types of weapons. See also Advanced Usage for more options.

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Aetherial Book of Electrum
Aetherial Book of Mythril
Aetherial Book of Silver
Aetherial Embossed Book of Electrum
Aetherial Embossed Book of Silver
Aetherial Engraved Goatskin Grimoire
Aetherial Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire
Aetherial Goatskin Grimoire
Aetherial Hard Leather Grimoire
Alexandrian Metal Codex
Alexandrian Metal Grimoire
Allagan Grimoire of Casting
Allagan Grimoire of Healing
Almandal Awoken
Almandal Awoken Replica
Animated Almandal
Animated Elements
Antiquated Almandal
Antiquated Elements
Apocalypse Zeta
Archaeoskin Codex
Archaeoskin Grimoire
Ars Almadel
Ars Notoria
Ash Picatrix
Augmented Hailstorm Codex
Augmented Hailstorm Grimoire
Augmented Ironworks Magitek Codex
Augmented Ironworks Magitek Grimoire
Augmented Shire Codex
Augmented Shire Grimoire
Baldur Codex
Baldur Grimoire
Battle Folio
Book of Aurum Regis
Book of Diamonds
Book of Electrum
Book of Fire
Book of Ice
Book of Light
Book of Mythril
Book of Silver
Book of Spades
Book of the Eerie Mutt
Book of the Mad Queen
Brittle Picatrix
Cantamina Thavnaria
Codex of the Heavens
Codex of the Round
Codex of the Shrine Guardian
Darklight Grimoire
Dead Hive Codex
Dead Hive Grimoire
Deus Ex Gratia
Deus Ex Verbis
Dhalmelskin Codex
Dhalmelskin Grimoire
Diamond Codex
Diamond Grimoire
Direwolf Grimoire of Casting
Direwolf Grimoire of Healing
Doctore's Grimoire
Dragonskin Codex
Dragonskin Grimoire
Dreadwyrm Codex
Dreadwyrm Grimoire
Elements Awoken
Elements Awoken Replica
Elkhorn Grimoire
Elkliege Grimoire
Elklord Grimoire
Elktail Grimoire
Embossed Book of Electrum
Embossed Book of Silver

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