Dea Family

Bernart Dea Brother of Geoffert and husband to Veirena. Sharcos's uncle. He took in Sahra when their mother died and Sharcos decided to go out to the world to make his own fortune.

Evy Dea One of Bernart and Veirena's twin daughters.

Geoffert Dea Husband of Miriam and father to Sharcos and Sahra. He passed away in a hunting accident in 1567.

Miriam Dea Wife of Geoffert and mother to Sharcos and Sahra. She passed away from a spring fever in 1569.

Nell Dea One of Bernart and Veirena's twin daughters.

Sahra Dea Sharcos's younger sister. Currently 21 years of age, and lives by the Dawn Vigil with her uncle Bernart, his wife and their children.

Sharcos Dea One of the main people of the Mythopoeia linkshell.

Veirena Dea Wife of Bernart and mother to the twins Evy and Nell.

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