Endahren Merchell

Endahren Merchell (エンダーレン・メルシェル if written in katakana) is an additional character in the Mythopoeia-Vana'diel continuity of Final Fantasy XI. He was created by Chrysalis founder JGwinters, and cannot actually be found as a character in the game.
You can read about his life at Until It's Gone.

Endahren was born 15.12.861 to a merchant family as their first son, and is set to inherit the family business Merchell Daily, located in northern San d'Oria. His parents are Guilboire and Felitte Merchell, and his older sister by 3 years Arienne Nedaurant (as per her married name). He has been friends with Jenare Richille since they were children, and is engaged to be married to Ellanore Delouvien. However, while he intends to honor the engagement, his love lies elsewhere.

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